A political solution that Trumps economics

Fear is a Man's Best Friend - Political solutionQ: Is there ever a political solution that Trumps economics?
A: That is a very good question. Yes and no is the answer. Politicians can institute economic reforms. There can be a correlation but that does not prove causation. Trump may adopt radical economic reform that helps solve problems and that may only be possible after the crash and burn. It is unlikely that serious reform could happen if people believed it can be avoided. In any case, it is only marginally related to the price of gold but critical to your ability to benefit from owning and using gold.

Q: It appears that Hillary is in the process of a crash. Comments?
A: Yes but she never stood a chance from the beginning. Trump has been able to dominate the discussion. He has set the agenda: the time and place of almost all the battles. Basic Sun Tzu. As long as Trump’s opponents have been in a defensive responsive mode, they have lost the war. And, yes, politics is war by other means. It is, unlike economics, a zero sum game. Without a productive economic system there would be nothing for the politicians to steal. Karl Marx was right on one point: economic determinism; the very narrow point that the nature of the political system is determined by the nature of the economic system. All of his conclusions were wrong. Somehow discussing Hillary and Karl Marx together seems fair. Both appear to be economic illiterates. That is supported by their public pronouncements. If you take a close look at their private lives, there is another explanation: Karl Marx was and Hillary Clinton is evil. There are some persons who are attracted to evil and put themselves willingly in the service of evil. Greed and lust for power are strong drives.

Q: Are you trying to sound gloom and doom?
A: No. Knowing the truth is always a positive value. Demons are necessary in order to punish those who err. That is how we learn and advance on the course of our evolution. No, I am not being negative. Without people like Hillary we would not even recognize the correct and ethical. And always remember: Carthage must be destroyed.

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