Reset for the price of gold

We the people want the reset in the price of gold
Q: Will Trump support a reset for the price of gold.
A: Yes.
Q; Why?
A: The persons who control the big banks are also the persons that own most of the gold. Putting gold officially back into the monetary system will likely be necessary after the crash and burn in order to restore confidence. Restoration of confidence will be necessary in order to restart a productive private sector on which the political class can feed. It will be seen as a necessary way to increase the power and wealth of the elite. There are strong signs that the most important elite have already made that decision.
Q: Who are these most important elite and are they backing Trump? That appears counter intuitive. Many people understand the elite to be baking the creation of a new world order. They want a socialist one world government. Do you disagree?
A: Yes, I disagree.
Q: Why?
A: Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia. George Orwell was not predicting the future in his book 1984. He was describing the world as it existed in the aftermath of WW2.
Q: That is a startling view. Why do you think that?
A: There is no historical example of a military dictatorship where private bankers within the area of the dictatorship, retained real dictatorial power. It is always the case that the assassins take the power from the bankers. In order for private, nonmilitary groups, to retain power, there must be a diffusion of power. In a one world socialist dictatorship, the private bankers would not survive. That is why Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia. We have been living in the NWO and 1984 from 1945.

by Arthur Fixed

The Art of Speculation during Civil War
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