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Asset Management

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Going offshore is about maximising profit, wealth and security: we focus on how utilising the offshore advantage can lead to maximum wealth potential and personal and business security.

Our independent approach allows us to introduce you to the complete spectrum of offshore opportunities available for building financial security, securing maximum profits and for the overall benefit of your future wealth.

Asset Protection

There are two areas to focus on when it comes to asset protection: –

  • the security of your personal and business assets throughout your lifetime – or straight asset protection
  • the ongoing security of your assets after your death – or estate planning

Straight Asset Protection – This includes structuring your company or personal assets in such a way as to make them unattractive or unobtainable by a third party, reducing your taxation burden, utilising international investment opportunities, and guaranteeing greater privacy.

Working Together – We work with you to examine and understand your personal or company situation and to advise you on the immediate and long term actions you can take to protect your assets and yourself.

Independent Offshore Specialists – We have experts who specialise in the field of utilising the offshore advantage for asset protection; with full access to the best offshore investment, trust, banking and company formation services available and we can place them at your disposal for your benefit.

Estate Planning – With the continued rise in global property prices and subsequent increases in individual wealth, more and more of us are at risk of loosing a considerable amount of our estate in income and excise taxes at death. Estate planning is simply the process of structuring your assets so that they are disposed of in accordance with your wishes after your death instead of being handed to the tax man.

How We Help – We can show you how trusts, wills and certain insurance products work to legally avoid inheritance taxation. We also inform and advise from an independent point of view on all aspects of inheritance or estate taxation. But just talking about a subject is not enough – we help you take the action necessary to ensure that your beneficiaries don’t lose out to the tax man and are in fact protected after your death.

Don’t leave estate planning to chance; don’t ignore your estate’s potential inheritance tax liabilities. Contact us today in complete confidence and together we will work to protect your assets today, tomorrow and for your future generations.

Wealth Management Services

When it comes to pure wealth management there are six primary asset areas:

  • Cash
  • Bonds
  • Equity
  • Real Estate
  • Commodities & Derivatives
  • Personal Property e.g., Antiques & Collectibles

We can help you identify your wealth ambitions and match your expectations through each asset class with carefully selected investment products because we have access to the entire global financial marketplace. In practical terms we can advise you and we can also assist you with your ongoing wealth management through balance sheet analysis, risk analysis and examination of any tax, currency, liquidity and market exposure risks etc.

To find out more about how you can benefit by taking advantage of our asset management and protection services or to ask any questions about offshore asset management please contact us with your query today.