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The Gambling Industry’s Top 3 Main Technological Innovations in 2023

HD-quality live dealer games, entirely new forms of gaming, crypto payments — these are a few examples of how the gambling industry is always on the cutting edge of innovation. But what top 3 technological innovations will dominate 2023? 

Game developers and software providers strive to surprise customers with the most cutting-edge offerings in design and graphics, gameplay, payment methods, rewards system, and more, embracing new technologies as soon as they appear — and this year will be no different in the gambling industry. 

Here are the top 3 technological innovations that will change the gambling world in 2023: 

Artificial intelligence for strategic planning and risk prediction. 

Today’s iGaming operators in the gambling industry have to make decisions based on a massive, constantly changing, and diverse flow of information. This modern phenomenon, known as big data, is described by three Vs: volume, variety, and velocity.

For this kind of decision-making, operators need that data presented in a clear and cohesive manner. Besides information about industry trends, competitors’ behavior, latest innovations, and market insights, there are statistics that the casino itself generates, and this is no less important — if not more so. 

To help them navigate this flow of data, the updated platform from Slotegrator, a software and business solution provider, has a Business Intelligence (BI) module. In short, the BI module performs real-time analytics, presenting data in digestible reports that operators can use to make more informed decisions. 

Online casino operators are also exposed to various risks, including security breaches and — more commonly — fraud, especially bonus abuse. 

Bonus abuse is an unfortunately common phenomenon among online casino users. Bonus abusers use VPNs, different devices, and falsified identities, making it tricky to distinguish abusers from well-intentioned players. It takes detailed research of IP addresses and personal information to discern if a player has exceeded the duplication threshold, indicating they might be playing under a false identity. 

This is where AI comes in. Not only would you need a full-time team to sift through all the data (if possible) and determine which users are honest players and which are red flags, but there’s no guarantee they’d catch them all. 

The Risk Management module in Slotegrator’s turnkey platform automates this process, saving operators time and money while protecting them from undue risk. It provides casino management with statistics and alerts about suspicious activity, allowing them to take measures in real time.

Bots that work as a complete online platform

All kinds of online businesses use bots to automate their processes, but their capabilities go far beyond using chatbots for customer service. 

Consider the example of Telegram Casino, which offers the full online casino experience through a bot in the popular messaging application. 

The bot’s algorithm is made to be simple and intuitive for any user. Bots are accounts or channels that have AI software, not a real person, behind them. They can do anything —

chat, play, search, etc. — and be opened with a link or shared by users. 

Also, if a user forwards a message, it always contains the name of the original chat, meaning that

bots are easily spread. Telegram bots can also accept payments, integrate with other

services, customize notifications, and create games. Users navigate the casino from

within the app through the bot’s responses.

Telegram Casino is an alternative way for the backend management system to control every aspect of the casino: notifications and newsletters, content, components, etc. It is fully synchronized with an online platform, including bonus modules and various payment methods and currencies, and can be a stand-alone platform or function as part of an established online casino. Users only need to register via the Telegram bot, go through the authorization process, and start playing.

The main difference between navigating a normal website and interacting with a bot is the simplicity. Whereas searching for something on a web platform can be time-consuming, Telegram chat is much quicker and takes far fewer clicks to achieve the same result. This ease of access is also potentially a great advantage when it comes to entering new markets and attracting new players.

The bots are developed to perform the same functions and offer the same content as on the

main website platform: placing bets, making deposits and withdrawals, choosing a payment method and fiat or crypto currency, etc. 

NFT and blockchain technologies that improve player engagement. 

As much as 15% of the world’s casinos already support bitcoin transactions, and this is only the beginning — more and more online platforms are offering their customers the ability to pay in digital currency. Blockchain technologies provide increased speed and security for processing transactions, both indisputable advantages.

Another way to use blockchain tech to engage players is NFTs, irreplaceable digital tokens which can hold value, much like fine works of art. In contrast, physical money and cryptocurrencies are fungible, which means they can be traded or exchanged for one another. The use of NFTs to increase player retention is spreading throughout the iGaming industry — for example, Aviatrix has already created a NFT-Based B2B iGaming Solution, which allows players to customize the NFT that serves as their avatar during gameplay in a crash game.

The game has a unique NFT-based lifetime loyalty program. Players can choose from various aircraft models to serve as their avatar and have a chance to participate in daily prize tournaments. This type of game will be more popular soon because of their singularity, technological content, and well-thought-out award system.

“The gambling industry is not afraid of new things. And it is our strength and opportunity for the development on a whole new level”, says Ayvar Gabidullin, business development manager at Slotegrator. “We are working in the era of digitalisation, and we need to create entirely new products from scratch or to understand how to adapt new technologies in our products, because that’s how we can offer our customers products that exceed the expectations.”


Since 2012, Slotegrator has been one of the iGaming industry’s leading software and business solution providers for online casino and sportsbook operators.

The company’s main focus is software development and support for online casino platforms in the gambling industry, as well as the integration of game content and payment systems.

The company works with licensed game developers and offers a vast portfolio of casino content: slots, live casino games, poker, virtual sports, table games, lotteries, casual games, and data feeds for betting.

Slotegrator also provides consulting services in gambling license acquisition and business incorporation.

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