Why Does Offshore Investing Get a Bad Rap?

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It’s a good question, isn’t it? It seems most of the attention devoted to offshore investing in the mainstream media is skewed in the negative, and thanks to a perhaps undue amount of scrutiny and criticism, the general public has come to view any offshore investment as tantamount to shaking hands with the devil, at the very least. Because of all the negative press associated with offshore investments, many investors overlook the opportunities overseas investments have to offer. Truthfully, no investment has zero risk and perfect growth opportunity – anyone who tells you that is feeding you a line. But there are solid growth opportunities in offshore investment that make it a sound option for some investors.

What most media outlets have failed to let people know is there is a giant difference between hiding money in an offshore account to keep it a secret (illegal) and making solid, interest-earning investments without the hassle of many of the restrictions imposed on investors by big government (100% legal). While laws change and have limited the amounts you can invest and redefined and honed tax laws to include worldwide income, there is no US law restricting investors from diversifying their portfolios in foreign markets. You can still invest funds in an offshore account legally. To put it another way, it is still legal to invest your money offshore and overseas.

And not only is it 100% legal, it’s even arguable that offshore investments are good for the world economy itself. As recent events have unfolded over the last few years, it’s obvious to even the layman that the health of the United States economy is directly linked to the health of the world economy. Americans, whether they want to believe it or not, are more directly linked to the global economy than they realize. So why not use offshore investments as a way to bolster the global economy and, viz a viz, the United States economy? It almost seems like an easy decision to make as you examine your portfolio and look for areas of opportunity in your investments.

So, why don’t people hear about more of the good side of offshore banking and investing instead of the negative side? Well, maybe it’s a conspiracy (a very popular theory in late-night cable programming). But, only half-jokingly, why wouldn’t the government want to protect its assets and resources by trying to hinder or prevent large investors putting their money in an outside economy? Like any business they’re going to try and protect themselves as well as they can – why would they advertise a better deal somewhere else? It’s like going into a convenience store to buy milk and having the manager tell you you can get it cheaper down the street at the all-night grocery store. It’s probably not going to happen.

If you believe what you’ve read on the nightly news or what’s spoon-fed via cable news outlets, you owe it to yourself to take a look into the facts surrounding offshore investing and not the hyperbole. Facts speak mountains for themselves and you may miss out on a great investment opportunity otherwise.

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