Tomahawk cruise missiles and the price of gold

U.S. Navy War Ships Launch Tomahawk Cruise Missiles
U.S. Navy War Ships Launch Cruise Missiles

Q: Are the 59 Tomahawk cruse missiles good for the price of gold?
A: Yes, for an Intraday spike that was erased by the end of the day trading.

Q: How about silver?
A: Silver tanked to under 18 to close significantly down on an outside reversal to the downside,

Q: Trump has lost some support from his base. Some are calling the strike a clear war crime =. What do you make of the political fallout for Trump?
A: I think we have now reached the inflection point for confidence in Government Trump.

Q: Does that mean we have reached the low for the price of gold?
A: No. This is just the beginning of the shift. On balance Trump now has more support. There are a lot of pro war people hopping on to the Trump train.

Q: Do you think Trump was a candidate of the war faction all along?
A: Yes and no or you are not asking the right question.

Q: Please explain.
A: Trump was backed by military intelligence from the start. Hillary was backed by the CIA bankers group to generalise. The wars continue in either case. Just the details and style change.

Q: So how are things different now?
A: No significant boots on the ground, video game like air strike and no military loss of life on the USA side. New play card but same financial interests and a different squad.

Q: Who are the financial interests?
A: The backers of a proposed gas pipeline through Syria and from Quatar to Europe. Putin does not want the completion in the Western Europe natural gas market.

Q: Trump is no JFK.
A: Nor does he want JFK’s end.

Market Commentary (above) by Arthur Fixed

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