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The Most Promising Energy-Referenced Cryptocurrency of 2022 Debut Into East Asia’s Crypto Market

The NDB Token has been listed on DigiFinex Crypto Market

TORTOLA, British Virgin Islands, July 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The DigiFinex exchange, which has a daily trading volume of around 1 billion USD and is recognized as one of the highest profile exchanges by CoinMarketCap, announced the listing of the NDB token on the Crypto Market.

NDB energy-referenced currency may decouple monetary and credit functions by adjusting the money supply using current and future energy supplies.

The price of the NDB token skyrocketed following its continued presale on the Nyyu exchange, which drew a lot of attention from the crypto community, including other platforms. Nonetheless, NDB tokens are still available on Nyyu at a set discounted price, although they have a 6-month lock-up term. As a result, NDB’s large fan base may now trade the currency pair with USDT. Additional trading pairs will be released in the near future.

The listing on DigiFinex (crypto market) came with the trading activities. The token’s daily trading volume grew to $469k in less than 24 hours and has continued to rise.

It’s no wonder that the NDB token has gained so much traction among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. According to DigiFinex’s announcement, “NDB Money, a company backed by Nano Diamond Battery (NDB, Inc.), a leading company in the development of nuclear batteries, develops a monetary reform that decouples monetary and credit functions. Such a function would use current and future energy supplies to adjust the money supply. For a larger-scale sustainable energy transition, NDB energy-referenced currency plays a key role.”.

Dr. Nima Golsharifi, the CEO of NDB, which has recently received a government award: “We have been working on the NDB ecosystem for the last several years, and our ultimate objective has always been to ensure its viability. Globalization necessitates an immediate and forceful change in the way energy sources are managed. Because of this, the NDB Ecosystem has been established.”.

According to the whitepaper, NDB and Watt tokens are two forms of energy-related tokens that enable access to the company’s ecosystem and allow for the acquisition of its utilities.

Specifically, the newly launched NDB token serves as a way of accessing the NDB ecosystem and may be used as an e-currency within the ecosystem to purchase some of its services.

The NDB has succeeded in getting a lot of support, and the ambitions detailed in the whitepaper have placed it on the list of favorites for many crypto adopters, and without a doubt, at the top of the most promising crypto ventures in the last five years.

About NDB Money crypto market

NDB Money (Watt Green Inc.) is an establishment for the development of energy-backed or referenced blockchain systems that can be used to realign the financial world with the physical world. NDB Money was established with the vision of sustainability and transparency. The Watt blockchain provides access to Nano Diamond Battery’s ecosystem and allows the acquisition of its utilities. NDB is audited bt Certik. NDB money is supported by UOB Kay HianDigifinexAmazon AWSGlobal Digital FinanceCrypto ValleyShufti Pro, and the International Token Standardization Association.

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