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The Holy Temple: A Structure Mysteriously Erased From The Pages of History?

DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / August 14, 2019 / Revered as the meeting place of heaven and earth, Temple Mount, a 3000-year old hill in Jerusalem, is shrouded in controversy. Biblical texts maintain it was once home to the Holy Temple; a series of structures (mainly comprised of two separate buildings) said to have existed circa 500 BCE.

The question remains; Was the Holy Temple mere legend or larger than life?

The Holy Temple: Two Mythical Buildings (And Maybe Even a Third)

This was contemporaneously the holiest place on Earth. Fast forward to the 21st century, it is now embattled in conflict; conflict that questions its very existence.

The First Temple was reportedly erected by Solomon, hence the name Solomon’s Temple, in 957 BCE and ravaged by Babylonian armies in 586 BCE during a city raid. The Second Temple, said to have been built in 516 BCE, was expanded upon by Herod, procuring the name Herod’s Temple, only to be demolished by the Romans in 70 CE.

Unfortunately, there is no sufficient proof to support the existence of either of these constructions. Jewish religion has prophesied that a third temple will be erected in the Messianic age (Christ’s Second Coming).

Controversy Meets Confusion

So did it exist or didn’t it?

The Holy Temple has stirred up confusion among scholars and laypeople alike. With the passage of time and the nebulous nature of history, many aren’t too sure of its exact whereabouts even assuming it did exist.

The Wailing Wall is an archaic limestone wall that still stands on Temple Mount. It is said to have been erected as part of the expansion of the Second Temple, but again, this is open to universal contention.

The Lost Temple Film, Executive Produced by Spencer Shaver Denver

In 2018, a documentary titled “The Lost Temple” was released, touching upon the history of Temple Mount, now the most politically charged site on the planet.

The documentary, entirely filmed on location, is a tale for the ages. It considers accounts from world-renowned archaeologists Eli Shukron, Gabriel Barkay and Shimon Gibson. Their mission is to study historical scripts, expert testimony and tangible evidence to prove that these buildings were more than just words on a page.

In fact, The Lost Temple documentary even explores the possibility that some very powerful people worked very hard to reduce the Temple to a mere footnote in history.

Per one of the film’s historians, “The fact they had to do so much to destroy the evidence shows you how much evidence there is.”

God’s foothold on Earth; the most divine place known to mankind; a site locked in a cultural battle between historians and the western era – Is the Holy Temple the greatest building never built?

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