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Streamline Your Business Expansion in China with Hongda Business Service

For businesses looking to expand into the dynamic markets of Mainland China and Hong Kong, navigating the complex landscape of company setup and management can be a daunting task. Invest Offshore is excited to introduce Hongda Business Service, a premier business consulting company based in Shenzhen, China, that specializes in simplifying this process for international clients, particularly those from Russia and the Middle East.

Comprehensive Business Services in China:

Hongda Business Service offers a one-stop solution for businesses aiming to establish a foothold in China. Their services include:

Company Setup in Mainland China and Hong Kong: Expert guidance through the legal and administrative processes of establishing your company in these lucrative markets.

Bank Account Opening: Particularly beneficial for Russian and Middle Eastern clients, Hongda Business Service has a track record of successfully opening and maintaining bank accounts that facilitate transactions with these regions.

Accounting and Tax Services: Navigate China’s unique accounting and tax landscape with ease, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

HR and Cashier Services: From recruitment to payroll, get comprehensive support in managing your human resources effectively in a new market.

Special Focus on Russian and Middle Eastern Clients:

Understanding the specific needs of businesses from Russia and the Middle East, Hongda Business Service has developed specialized services to cater to these regions. In 2023 alone, they have established partnerships with over 50 agents in Russia and the UAE, and successfully opened and maintained more than 200 bank accounts, facilitating smooth fund transfers for their clients.

Why Choose Hongda Business Service?

  • Local Expertise, Global Understanding: With a deep understanding of Chinese business regulations and a global perspective, Hongda is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap for international businesses entering China.
  • Tailored Solutions: Recognizing that each business has unique needs, Hongda offers customized services to match your specific requirements.
  • Proven Track Record: Their success in establishing business and banking services for a significant number of international clients speaks volumes about their reliability and expertise.
  • Seamless Integration: By handling the intricacies of business setup and management, Hongda allows you to focus on growing your business in these promising markets.


Expanding your business into China need not be a complex endeavor. With Hongda Business Service, you gain a reliable partner who can simplify and streamline the process, allowing you to capitalize on the opportunities that Mainland China and Hong Kong offer. Visit their website at www.hongdaservice.com to learn more about how they can facilitate your business expansion.

Contact: Lilia Lee

Whatsapp and cellphone: +86 13686848941

Email Address: lilia@hongdaservice

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