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Revolutionizing the Future: The Cominca Resources Copper and Cobalt Project in DRC

Invest Offshore is proud to present a golden investment opportunity with Cominca Resources Limited, a pioneering project set to transform the copper and cobalt sectors in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). As we venture into the era of electrification and renewable energies, the demand for industrial metals, especially copper and cobalt, is skyrocketing. This makes our project not just timely but essential.

A Glimpse into the Copper and Cobalt Cathodes Market

Copper is the third most-used industrial metal worldwide, primarily due to its critical role in electrical wiring, accounting for about 60% of its demand. On the other hand, cobalt is a key component in the manufacturing of batteries, vital for the burgeoning electric vehicle and renewable energy storage markets. The DRC stands out as Africa’s largest producer of refined copper, reflecting the region’s untapped potential and global market significance.

Project Overview: An Unmatched Opportunity

Cominca Resources is initiating a transformative project aimed at the production of copper and cobalt cathodes in the heart of the DRC. With a comprehensive investment plan, this project is poised for success:

  • Funding Requirement: A clear and feasible $27.8 million is needed to jumpstart the project.
  • Impressive Returns: Projected Net Present Value (NPV) of $964.7 million, an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 867%, and a staggering Return on Investment (ROI) of 4687.5%.
  • Strategic Location: The production units will be strategically located in Likasi, near Lubumbashi, optimizing logistics and access to resources.
  • High-Quality Output: The plants are designed to produce LME-standard copper cathodes and high-grade cobalt hydroxides, ensuring top market value.

The Investment Plan: A Roadmap to Success

Our detailed investment plan encompasses the establishment and operation of multiple mining plants, with Cominca Resources spearheading the venture alongside significant off-taker and shareholder partnerships. The projected implementation period is an ambitious yet achievable 12 months from the JV signature date, aiming for a rapid ramp-up to full production.

The Environmental and Social Edge

Cominca Resources is not just about profit; it’s about sustainable and responsible mining. Our project prioritizes environmental conservation, community engagement, and adherence to the highest international standards, ensuring that our success also translates into local community development and environmental stewardship.

Why Invest with Us?

  • Market Demand: With the global shift towards green energy, the demand for copper and cobalt is expected to rise exponentially.
  • Strategic Location: The DRC’s rich mineral deposits offer unparalleled opportunities for cost-effective mining operations.
  • Impressive Financials: Our project forecasts are not just promising; they are backed by thorough research and robust financial models.
  • Sustainability: Our commitment to sustainable and responsible mining practices ensures long-term viability and community support.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

This is not just an investment in copper and cobalt; it’s an investment in the future. By partnering with Cominca Resources, you are becoming part of a project that will not only generate substantial returns but also contribute to the global transition towards sustainable and renewable energy sources.

For more information and to explore this unparalleled investment opportunity further, contact Cominca Resources Limited today. Together, we can create a legacy of sustainability, profitability, and innovation.

Invest Offshore invites you to explore this unique opportunity with Cominca Resources Limited. Revolutionize your portfolio, support sustainable development, and be at the forefront of the electrification era. Contact us at for more information and to start your investment journey in the heart of the DRC.


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