Panama Relocation Services Releases Complete Panama Relocation Guide

Panama Relocation Guide to the best and most affordable ways to relocate to Panama

BOQUETE, PANAMA, February 22, 2021 / — Panama Relocation Tours today announced the publication of its new online Complete Panama Relocation Guide, a guide to all the information needed to move to Panama. Panama Relocation Tours has helped more than 1,400 people relocate to Panama. They offer an all-inclusive six-day tours of Panama for those who are considering relocation to Panama. The new online version of the tour, the Complete Panama Relocation Guide, has all of the information included in the six-day tour.

Jackie Lange founded Panama Relocation Tours after her own experience moving to Panama from Texas in 2010. She created the tours to help people retire sooner with the money they have now, lower their cost of living without sacrificing lifestyle, and have clear, easy-to-follow directions to take them from clueless to confident. The Complete Online Panama Relocation Guide is based on 11 years of experience helping people relocate to Panama. It is a step-by-step guide to learn about visa options, finding a rental, where to get affordable health insurance, bringing pets to Panama, buying a car, opening a bank account, and more. The company has led 127 relocation tours to Panama.

“There is a lot of interest in retirees moving overseas now,” Lange said. “Our all-inclusive 6-day Panama Relocation Tours are sold out through June 2022, so we want to give people another option for learning all of the advantages to moving to Panama, what they need to know to relocate to Panama affordably.”

Panama is the ideal place to relocate to, especially for retirees. With the Complete Panama Relocation Guide, people can find exclusive immigration attorneys with special pricing and the best places to live in Panama based on lifestyle preferences. They can also find a trusted property manager and real estate contacts, the most affordable and stress-free way to get pets to Panama, and learn how to save on health insurance.

The guide further offers tips for finding a rental property and what to watch out for while searching. Learn the two best Residency Visa options, how to buy and finance real estate in Panama, how to buy a car and use public transportation, how to get mail, and the best cell phone company to use. The guide also includes information about international mover contracts for household goods and cars, bi-lingual and international schools, and much more.

“In Boquete Panama, where I live, it is 75-78 during the day – every day. It rarely gets below 65 a night,” Lange added. “So, I don’t need an air conditioner or a heater. An added bonus to the perfect weather is that I’m surrounded by spectacular tropical scenery and mountain views in every direction. I’m only a one-hour drive to the Pacific Ocean and a three-hour drive to the Caribbean Sea.”

A single person can live well on $1,200 a month, including rent, while a couple can live well in Panama on $2,000 a month, including rent.

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