New World Order off the Rail

New World Order and the Federal Reserve: The Biggest Scam In History
The Federal Reserve: The Biggest Scam In History

Q: Is the New World Order off the rail and what does it mean for the gold price?
A: The New World Order failed to Kill the Bear. The Russian leadership has made an alliance with China. The neocons have failed. Their dream is dust.

Q: How does the Trump victory play into this?
A: The group backing Trump wants to bring back North American economic well being.They want the wast of the failed empire stopped.
Hillary represented the internationalist. Gold will be taken back into the monetary system in a few years.

The Return of a Gold-backed Trade Standard

Both countries will collaborate on solving technical issues surrounding China’s gold imports from Russia. This news also relates to how Russia will issue federal loan bonds denominated in Chinese yuan moving forward. Russia is the world’s fourth-largest gold producer and stronger ties with China can have all kinds of consequences. Having two of the world’s largest gold suppliers team up against the US Dollar will certainly be interesting to watch. China has made it evident they want to issue a gold-backed currency at some point in the future.

Keeping in mind how the Russian Ruble continues to appreciate in value against the US Dollar, interesting things are bound to happen. Although China may suffer from slower economic growth, Russia could prove to be a valuable ally. Trade turnover between Russia and China has increased in 2017, which is a positive development. It is expected bilateral trade and investment between both nations will continue to grow over the coming years.

Reverting back to a gold-backed trade standard decreases yuan and ruble volatility. Both currencies’ exchange rates are coupled to the US Dollar right now. However, if both countries could bypass the US Dollar altogether, their national currencies will remains table or gain in value. Both nations have plenty of gold reserves, whereas the United States has slowly liquidated some of its gold assets. The world of finance will never be the same if these plans come to fruition, that much is certain.

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