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New Investing Podcast Seeks to Challenge the Prevailing Narrative in Financial Markets

NEW YORK, Oct. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — A new podcast, the Contrarian Investor, is making the rounds on Wall Street. Launched in April by a veteran financial journalist, the podcast’s mission statement is to “give voice to those who challenge a conventional narrative in global financial markets.”

Each week the host, Nathaniel E. Baker, interviews a prominent personality from the investing world, quizzing the guest on whatever contrarian views he or she presents to listeners. The impetus for the podcast came from ideas Baker acquired in his decade-plus-long experience covering hedge funds, economics, and financial markets for Bloomberg News and Institutional Investor, among others.

“Probably all successful investors made their mark, and achieved their success, because they developed a thesis that went against the conventional narrative, and counter to what was being priced in to markets,” says Baker. “I felt that if we put together something where people presented ideas of this type, and we did a sufficient job challenging their views, it would make for a compelling podcast.”

In the podcast’s short history, several prominent names from the investing world have already been featured, including Jim Chanos, Tobias Carlisle, and Kevin Smith of Crescat Capital. Rupal Bhansali of Ariel Investments and author of “Non-Consensus Investing: Being Right When Everyone Else is Wrong,” was a recent guest. “It was great to have her because she literally wrote the book on contrarian investing,” says Baker.

Topics have ranged from macroeconomics to microcap stocks and many points in between. “We had a former investment strategist at Goldman Sachs’ emerging market equities group discuss the case for stocks in Argentina and Brazil,” says Baker. “Another guest presented a stock that was later reported to be a takeover candidate.”

Eventually the podcast’s website will have a repository tracking how guests’ ideas have turned out. Baker suspects the record will be good, but cautions against expecting too much. “Oftentimes the contrarian view turns out to be the correct one, but other times it turns out to just be contrarian,” he says. “But having these conversations should provide investors something they may not have previously considered. That’s very much the point of this exercise.”

About the host: Nathaniel E. Baker is a financial reporter, editor, writer, and now podcaster. He most recently spent seven years at Bloomberg News in New York and Hong Kong, where he launched the Hedge Fund Brief among other responsibilities. He previously worked at The Deal and Institutional Investor and has been featured on CNBC, Bloomberg TV and radio, and several podcasts besides his own.

The Contrarian Investor Podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and anywhere else podcasts are found. Also on the web at

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