Must Watch Out: Top Best 20 Entrepreneurs In a Billion Dollar Race In 2020

SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / February 6, 2020 / Influencer Clout is a Washington based social media agency that was initially founded in 2020 by a young entrepreneur named Sergio Centeno. This agency was built to serve influencers and entrepreneurs with next-generation social media growth hacks to build brand credibility and exposure in the online space.

Sergio, the founder, and president of Influencer Clout, has a past clientele worth over $100M and is currently working with some of your top sought after entrepreneurs today! Just before creating this article, he had the chance to interview 20 entrepreneurs that have proposed to be the metier of the future in digital marketing and entrepreneurship.


Here is the list of the top best 20 entrepreneurs of 2020 in the billionaire race:

Sharran Strivatsaa

Instagram: @sharransrivatsaa

Sharran Srivatsaa is the CEO of Kingston Lane, a marketing and technology platform for real estate. Sharran is a serial entrepreneur, sought after keynote speaker, and a respected thought-leadership resource for publications such as The Wall Street Journal, SUCCESS magazine, Huffington Post, and Forbes.

Most recently, Sharran led Teles Properties’ unprecedented 10x growth over five years and a 4-year consecutive streak on the Inc. 500 fastest-growing companies list, resulting in its acquisition by national real estate powerhouse Douglas Elliman.

Jason Capital

Instagram: @jasoncapital

Jason Capital is a million-dollar marketing genius helping people replace “rat-race income” with Laptop Income. He is the founder of High Status and the best selling author. Jason Capital is also among the top 100 Whitehouse entrepreneurs. He had built a multi-million dollar portfolio over $40 million by the time he turned 29. Capital also serves as a consultant to Fortune 500 executives, professional athletes, Navy SEAL’s, Hollywood actors, and best selling authors. He is a great contributor to Forbes and has also been featured several times on CNBC, time, Entrepreneur, and Money Magazine.

Capital has caused a resurgence of entrepreneurial spirit by being a millionaire at 24. He is passionate about helping both experienced and aspiring entrepreneurs build their businesses and brands in a way that is manageable, intentional, and profitable.

Dean Aguilar

Instagram: @realdeanaguilar

Dean Aguilar is the CEO of a highly successful digital marketing firm in San Diego called Digital Muse. He is also a brand consulting agency with an emphasis on social media execution. Aguilar is the founder of the famous Real Estate companies, Xavier Dean Realty, and Dean Aguilar Group. Being a well sought after speaker, coach, and entrepreneur in digital marketing and real estate, he has led a top 1% Real Estate team selling over 100million in sales every year. The estate guru has sold over 300 Million in Real Estate.

Shawn Henry

Instagram: @shawnhenryehs

Shawn Henry is an entrepreneur in Florida. He is the founder and CEO of Efficient Home Services. His company is the #1 company on the Inc 5000. Earning more than $40million in revenue, Shawn is passionate about inspiring young entrepreneurs to get started in their dreams and live their dreams. Besides, he is on a mission to help homeowners achieve energy efficiency within their homes. He hover ten years of experience creating green homes without altering the owners’ budget.

Ryall Graber


Ryall Graber is the founder and owner of RyFit Inc, an online Performance Coaching and International Luxury Fitness Retreat Business. She is a Sports Nutritionist, High Performance Trainer and Professional Fitness Athlete with 9 titles including the current Arnold Fitness International Champion. In 2019 she made the transition from Pro Athlete to a full-time business woman in the fitness industry. She has helped over a thousand people achieve their fitness goals and unveil their true potential. It’s her mission to help over a million people live healthier lives.

Marion W. Cain III

Instagram: @kharismacoach

Marion Whitfield Cain III AIC ARM CBCP CIS, also known as “the Kharisma coach,” is the best speaking coach in the world. With a Ph.D. level of knowledge at public speaking, she is transforming great leaders into top public speakers. This man of power understands the finer points and nuances that no other coach understands. Cain has been under the hot lights in front of 40K+ alone and speaking to them. Marion Whitefield Cain III AIC ARM CBCP CIS is an industry leader in communication and negotiation- a force to be reckoned with.

He also offers one-on-one coaching and mentorship programs through his own Kharisma Mastery program and membership site. Through this program, the communication expert has trained thousands of people, including models, professional athletes, CEO’s, social media influencers. These trainees can now dominate the stage, negotiations, podcasts, and interpersonal relations. Cain has become a prolific Global Risk Manager securing 100s of millions in settlements. Today, the champion possesses a portfolio of more than 20 high profile disasters with the most substantial having exposure above $35M.

Vick Tipnes

Instagram: @vicktipnes

Vick Tipnes is a true success story. Having built a multi-million dollar company, losing it all, then starting all over again after a divorce and only $78 in his bank account. In 2012, he founded Blackstone Medical Services with zero revenue and in the beginning years he was losing $30k per month, then almost went bankrupt twice. Through perseverance and persistence; he turned it all around and built his business to an Inc 5000 company with 325% growth over the last 7 years.

Today, blackstone is a dominant leader in the Sleep Apnea testing space and Vick is inspiring and educating business owners, entrepreneurs and business professionals nationwide.

Justin Harve

Instagram: @justinhavre

Justine Havre is the founder and president of Justin Havre & Associates of RE/MAX First. He leads Canada’s #1 Real Estate Team within the RE/MAX System.He has led a team of over 40 rockstar agents driving nearly 2 billion dollars in sales. His team was #9 on the world list in 2018 for production. He also leads the industry in sites that are developed for long-term web authority to make business assets while generating opportunities and revenues. He owns websites, creating multiple seven figures in sales commission each year, enabling to make nearly 3 million yearly.

Rachel Pedersen

Instagram: @themrspedersen

Rachel Pedersen is the ‘queen of social media.‘ She is an expert in all things social media- like every platform! She delights in empowering businesses with social media strategies that support massive needle-moving growth. She educates parents on how to find freedom by becoming a successful social media manager- without sacrificing the things that matter most- including family, friends, and their dreams. She is a founder of 2 multi-million dollar companies. Rachel helps business owners break through the ‘glass ceiling’ of opportunity. She achieved a 7134% growth for an organic skincare company. She generated $3 million in a single year for a fitness company and reached over 12 million people for a coach.

Kristian D’An

Instagram: @kristiandan

Kristian D’An is an SEO wizard and has helped dozens of businesses generate millions in revenue through assisting them to get the #1 position on Google! His passion is to help others grow their business and has successfully done this. While offering his services, he has also helped educate the SEO industry. He wrote “The Fundamentals of Getting #1 on Google” and also provides training workshops where he teaches the best techniques in the industry. Some of his other passions are traveling, working out, family, cars, and more!

Nathan Ortega

Instagram: @nathanrayortega

Nathan Ray Ortega is the founder of Influencer Podcasts & Influencer Kitz. Nathan helps those share their great story, by supporting entrepreneurs, authors, influencers, millionaires, and many more 5-8 figure Earners get on podcasts and tv shows around the world. His passion is to help share the compelling stories of the few to impact the lives of the many.

Nathan had to overcome many obstacles during his journey, from having 16 different jobs at age 20 to being homeless and sleeping in a car with his pregnant girlfriend and even changing in public bathrooms for two months. Still, during that time, Nathan stayed motivated and listened to many compelling stories that changed his life for the better. Nathan is grateful to the power of podcasting for motivating him to push further with every episode of entrepreneurism.

Jessenia Gallegos

Instagram: @iamjessenia

Jessenia Gallegos is one of the top influencers in NYC. She started her career after winning the “Ki. Kardashian Look-Alike Contest” on The Tyra Banks Show in 2010. Jessenia found love again and released her first single “Power Numbers” co-written by her and Jaimie Wilson, a song addressing the haters about her relationship with trans man. She has also released “Ammo” a testament surviving Domestic violence and celebrating life! She also released her first Ep: “Years and Tears: A Beautiful Morning Melody“. She has gained millions of followers. She has also been featured in the film @superblockedmovie & off-broadway @checklist_theplay.

Besides her acting and singing; One of Jessenia’s main focuses this year is speaking at domestic violence and bullying events to help spread the message and to also share her story that she has been through.

Moran Pober

Instagram: @moran.pober

Moran Pober is the founder of Moran, who is a former IDF (Israel defense force), has had extensive dealings with many entrepreneurial projects. He founded iTips, the top 100 apps in 100 stores around the world in the app store, including the US, CA, and the UK. He has carried out extensive assignments with many 7 figure companies.

Pober has been featured on CNBC, Buzzfeed, and more!

Sean Kelly

Instagram: @seanmikekelly

Sean Kelly is the founder of @JerseyChamps. He has developed multiple designs on apparel totaling millions of dollars in sales. He works with graphic designers to create exceptional designs and leads the sales team to run successful marketing campaigns on various social media channels. Sean Kelly is experienced in digital marketing with global experience in social media marketing, business development, digital marketing, business to business transactions, email marketing, and product development. He is also experienced in product distribution, managing tens of thousands of orders every week.

Sean is also the president of Clout Champs, a Digital Marketing Agency that specializes in Instagram growth, PR services, and website development.

Kevin Leyes

Instagram: @kevinleyes

Kevin Leyes is a 19 years old Italian-Argentinian entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Team Leyes, an urban jewelry brand and company based in the U.S. who is disrupting the industry. He has built up a team that sells and provides jewelry of all types and different models: chains, bracelets, pendants, rings, earrings, watches, grillz, and more. His team also designs and produces custom pieces, turning any sketch into reality in a luxury jewel. They offer young people, mostly insiders or interested in the urban music genre, the possibility to look like their favorite artists.

Chad Carrodus

Instagram: @chadcarrodus

Chad Carrodus is one of the country’s youngest luxury agents. As a Partner on Compass Atlanta’s founding team, Jere Metcalf Partners, Chad has always seemed to challenge the status quo. From working in the fast pace world private jet sales to running an investor-backed tech startup, Chad has led an undeniably unique career. His dynamic experience at such a young age allowed him to become a leading authority, speaker, and consultant on Generation Z entrepreneurship and marketing.

Max Boudreault-Dunn

Instagram: @purified

Max is an enthusiastic Canadian entrepreneur with skills of reaching billions of people in the online space. His team creates fresh marketing content and does advertising on almost every platform. He started by growing Facebook pages for influencers and businesses and making a couple of ground off of it and then producing crazy results for other people, it was time to build our network and monetize it. Max is now one of the founders and Chief Business Development Officer at Blunt Inc. Blunt Inc., through its brands, Joint Partnerships, and Partners, is one of the world’s leading sources of news, information, and content on the Facebook platform and all associated platforms, sites, and applications. His company was involved in the development of what became the world’s most-watched channel across all platforms with more than 24.3 billion minutes viewed in a year (100% organic)

Matt Artisan

Instagram: @mattartisan

Matt Artisan is a top and leading expert in transforming the lives of men and empowering them to create authentic relationships. He is a famous Youtuber who runs a Youtube Channel called “The Attractive Man,” with over 795k subscribers. Matt Artisan was voted as the world’s leading and best new dating coach. He is the president and CEO of The Attractive Man Inc., the legendary dating program for men.

He has been featured on @abcnews @vice @pcmagofficial and @mtv. The champion has coached men in over 40 different countries.

Jeremiah Davis

Instagram: @thatoneblondkid

Jeremiah Davis is the skydiving, shark-swimming, super-star-shooting renegade running rampant in Los Angeles. Jeremiah has made waves in a variety of industries by sprinting into new roles with an eye for pop culture and a camera around his neck. At only 26, he has already starred in his Snapchat original show, filled up two passports touring the world with dance music’s top artists, directed commercial work for billion-dollar brands, and built an avid social media following.

Shannel Rivera

Instagram: @beautyandhustle_shannelrivera

Shannel Rivera is the founder of Beautyandhustle, a million-dollar empire. Beautyandhustle is a community of followers purchasing products from Shannel, such as apparel and lipstick. She has helped small business and fortune 500 companies realign so they can scale and grow. She guides her followers through the three pillars (strategy, authenticity, and soul) and how to leverage these three things to find great success in any business while finding balance in life. When Shannel is not working with clients directly, she is found speaking on stages. These stages include; Wonder Women in Tech, Women Empowerment X, Midwest tech Cosmetic Society Symposium inspiring the masses to create, build, and live their dream lives.

These enthusiastic young minds that were mentioned in this article are redefining entrepreneurship through unique, groundbreaking ideas and shaping the way the younger stars of tomorrow will perceive business and success.

(Disclaimer: These Entrepreneurs names are not in number order, they were randomly placed)

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Entrepreneurs SOURCE: Influencer Clout – Entrepreneurs Image by 2649771 from Pixabay


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