Hurricane solutions from GigaCrete Building Systems

Miami Dade Approved Hurricane and Flood Resistant Housing to the Rescue

Solving Florida’s Hurricane and flood damaged areas quickly with a far superior zero wood building system

Las Vegas Nevada (PRWEB) October 08, 2022 – In Case of Hurricane, Flood or Fire, reach out to Eco-friendly GigaCrete Building Systems, designed to survive.

Category 5 Hurricane approved. Zero Wood. Super-insulated (R28-60). Fire resistant. Flood resistant. Mold/mildew resistant. Fast and economical build. The perfect replacement home following a Hurricane, Flood or Fire.

Las Vegas based GigaCrete, Inc., a leader in next generation building materials technology, developed the disaster-resilient GigaCrete Building System.

Miami Dade was the first county in Florida to certify hurricane resistant standards for structures (HVHZ). The GigaCrete Building System, a patented steel-framed insulated panel system, easily passed the Miami Dade County Category 5 Hurricane testing with sustained wind speeds of 245mph (394km/hr) which was their test equipment maximum capability, without failure (Cf. NOA #19-0326.04 & NOA #20-0922.04).

Andrew Dennis, inventor, and founder of GigaCrete, Inc., stated, “GigaCrete homes have withstood some of the worst Atlantic basin hurricanes on record including Joaquin Cat-4, Matthew Cat-5, Irma Cat-5, Maria Cat-5, and Dorian Cat-5.”

GigaCrete’s woodfree, super-insulated, energy-miser homes resist not only hurricanes but also floods, wildfires, a recent 5.8 earthquake on Guam without a single crack (Zone 4), noise (STC 52), salt spray, insects, and vermin. As an option, “the house can be made bulletproof by using our BallistiCrete the World’s first ballistic rated wall plaster,” Dennis added.

If flooded, a low-pressure water wash of interior/exterior walls puts the waterproof house back into service as a home. GigaCrete’s proprietary non-Portland surface coatings, resistant to abuse and impact (3500psi exterior and 8500psi interior), do not support the growth of mold or mildew.

The GigaCrete Building System is shipped to the jobsite as a pre-engineered materials kit. All components can be carried by hand. Pre-cut components fit together with minimal measuring, allowing foolproof assembly by low-skill labor using simple tools. GigaCrete’s patented system may take a day or two to erect on a prepared concrete slab. From prepared slab to turnkey is measured in weeks not months.

“Typical stick-built houses that get in the way of powerful hurricane-force winds and gusts usually end up as un-repairable structures or as a debris field of pick-up sticks,” said Dennis.

To compound matters, stick-built houses inundated by storm surges or floodwaters serve as de facto Petri dishes for toxic mold and mildew; damp wood and drywall support their growth. Wet fiber glass insulation between the wood studs loses its effectiveness and must be replaced.

This litany of failure as applied to stick-built begs the question, “Why are stick-built homes still constructed in known high-risk zones with hurricanes, storm surges, and floods, not to mention wildfires?”


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