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MBE Canada aims to become the Biggest Payment Processor by 2024

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, January 20, 2023 / — MBE Inc. announces its ambitious goal of becoming the largest payment processor by 2024. The company is a leading player in the industry and has already made significant strides in its mission to provide efficient and secure online transactions for businesses of all sizes.

Currently, the company is serving over 30,000 merchants, making it one of Elavon’s biggest merchant service providers (MSPs) in Canada. It has deployed over 100,000 terminals across the country, providing businesses with easy access to its advanced payment processing solutions.

MBE Inc. understands the growing need for efficient and secure online transactions in today’s digital age. That is why the company has invested heavily in cutting-edge technology and a team of experts to ensure that its clients have access to the most advanced payment processing solutions available. The platform is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large corporations. It offers a wide range of services, including credit and debit card processing, and ACH payments. The user-friendly interface and 24/7 customer support make it easy for merchants to manage their transactions and resolve any issues that may arise.

Since 2005, the company has processed over $100 billion in volume, demonstrating its ability to handle high-volume transactions for businesses of all sizes. This is a testament to the trust that its clients have placed in it and the effectiveness of its solutions.

MBE Inc. is also committed to providing the highest level of security for its clients and their customers. The platform is PCI DSS compliant and uses the latest encryption technology to protect sensitive information. The company understands the importance of data security and takes it very seriously.

The company is confident that its combination of advanced technology, unparalleled customer service and its track record of processing high volume transactions will help it achieve its goal of becoming the largest payment processor by 2024. The company looks forward to working with businesses of all sizes to help them grow and succeed.

For businesses looking for a reliable and secure payment processing solution, MBE Inc. is the ideal choice. The company can be contacted to learn more about how it can help businesses thrive. With its track record, advanced technology and commitment to security, the company can be trusted to take care of payment processing needs.

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