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Invest in Cassiterite, Coltan, and Lithium from the DRC: A Lucrative Opportunity

Invest Offshore is excited to present a prime opportunity for investors and businesses to tap into the wealth of critical minerals sourced directly from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). We are offering substantial quantities of Cassiterite, Coltan, and Lithium, available for monthly delivery. Here’s an overview of the minerals and how you can benefit from this exclusive offer.

Available Quantities and Specifications


  • Monthly Supply: 50-100 tonnes
  • Purity: 60% from initial tests
  • Uses: Cassiterite is the primary ore of tin, crucial for soldering in electronics, tin plating, and various alloys.


  • Monthly Supply: 50-100 tonnes
  • Purity: 30% from initial tests
  • Uses: Coltan is essential for producing tantalum capacitors, which are used in a wide range of electronic devices, from smartphones to laptops and automotive electronics.


  • Monthly Supply: 300-500 tonnes
  • Purity: 3-4% from initial tests
  • Uses: Lithium is a critical component in rechargeable batteries, particularly for electric vehicles, renewable energy storage, and a variety of portable electronic devices.

Origin and Supply Chain

All minerals are sourced directly from the mines in the DRC, ensuring authenticity and reliability. We offer flexible delivery options to meet your logistical needs, with bonded warehouse delivery available in Zambia for ease of transaction and security.

Flexible Pricing and Delivery Options

Pricing for Cassiterite, Coltan, and Lithium will depend on the buyer’s preferred terms and delivery methods. Our goal is to provide a tailored solution that aligns with your business requirements. Whether you prefer FOB (Free on Board) or CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight) terms, we are committed to ensuring a smooth and efficient transaction process.

Delivery Location: Bonded warehouse in Zambia

Negotiable Terms: We offer flexible pricing based on the delivery method and quantity. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and obtain a customized quote.

Why Invest in These Critical Minerals?

Growing Demand: The global demand for Cassiterite, Coltan, and Lithium is on the rise, driven by the expanding electronics industry, the transition to electric vehicles, and the growth of renewable energy sectors.

Strategic Importance: These minerals are vital for modern technology and renewable energy infrastructure, making them essential for future developments in these fields.

High-Quality Supply: Our direct sourcing from the DRC ensures a consistent supply of high-quality minerals, backed by rigorous testing and verification processes.

Contact Us for More Information

Don’t miss this opportunity to secure a steady supply of essential minerals from a reliable source. For more details, pricing information, and to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us.

Invest Offshore is committed to providing you with the best investment opportunities in the mining sector. Partner with us to leverage the wealth of critical minerals and secure a profitable future for your business.

Explore the potential of Cassiterite, Coltan, and Lithium from the DRC and take advantage of this unique investment opportunity today.


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