Gold Shares vs the DJIA

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Q: What does Marc Faber and Jim Rogers expect for the price of gold shares VS the DJIA?
A: They both think that a sever correction to the downside is eminent.

Q: No. I follow Martin Armstrong’s analysis.
A: Armstrong is tracking international capital flows and they are positive for the USD. A large part of those flows are finding their way into the DJIA.

Q: Why is that?
A: Does it matter?

Q: It may help me to understand and so trade better. Help?
A: All the other major currencies are less appealing. That is the view of the majority of market players.

Q: The prettiest girl in the ugly contest?
A: The big money has to park some place that is big enough to absorb the funds. It could be that the DJIA will reach to 40k in 2018.

Q: Who is projecting that?
A: That is one of the serious alternatives Armstrong is looking at.

Q: What is your view?
A: I am expecting a crackup boom so 40k on the DJIA does not scare me.

Q: How about gold?
A: It should participate along with all hard assets.

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Q: Very interesting: Malik Obama Tweets Alleged Barack Obama Birth Certificate in Kenya. See: This certificate includes a footprint so it can easily be verified or proven false.

Q: Is this going to be important for the financial markets?
A: Yes, I think so. The ex president is supposed to lead the anti-Trump insurgency. This may make that impossible. Unlike the certificate posted by Obama, this one is not generated by a computer program with multiple overlays.

The Tweet publishing the Kenya certificate comes from Obamas half brother and he is a Trump supporter who has publicly endorsed Trump. I rate it as highly likely that the Trump people had this information early on but did use it as it might actually favour Hillary and hurt Trump in the election…

Q: So, what does that mean going forward?
A: Expect things to get a lot nastier going forward.

Q: How will that effect the price of gold?
A: Trump will try to destroy Obama. When the public loses confidence in both side then the gold market will have bottomed.

The Art of Speculation during Civil War
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By Arthur Fixed

What will be the market price of the first bank’s shares nine months out? If we are correct in our analysis that the game is fixed, we can surmise it will be less than today’s price and the cost of maintaining the short position.

[box type=”tick”]Extraordinary speculative profits are possible with minor risk if you verify the truth, properly use logic and keep it private. The establishment will continue to make war and milk the public. If you understand how they are doing this, you can protect yourself and profit far beyond the norm. If you are short selling shares that the establishment is short, your risk level is low and potential for profit high. This is not investment activity or undertaking a market risk. It is speculative profit in time of civil war.[/box]

[box type=”info” style=”rounded” border=”full”]Excerpts from the Art of Speculation during Civil War – Sun Tzu Meets Jesse Livermore is a private manuscript copyrighted 2012 by Art Fixed.[/box]

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