Chinese companies unite in sending Chinese New Year greetings from the large digital screens overlooking New York’s Times Square

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NEW YORK, Feb. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — It was not much more than a year ago that Chinese companies started to make the more than the occasional appearance at New York’s Times Square, the world’s most valued location for businesses, fashion leaders and promoters of culture who want to make a splash. For Chinese companies, having a presence on the large billboards overlooking Times Square has since become increasingly commonplace, as they pay more attention to brand building and visibility.

A year ago, in an unprecedented move, 100 Chinese companies celebrated the arrival of the 2016 Lunar New Year, by announcing greetings from the immense digital screens overlooking the famous square. This year, Chinese companies again sent New Year’s greetings to Chinese communities worldwide from the top of the square.

Starting on January 25, 2017 and continuing into the days leading up to the holiday, Chinese companies, among them such leaders as Greenland Group, Mengniu, Galanz, AUX, Ankai, Opple Lighting, Lolo, Stanley, CYSQ, Chacha Food and Chando, sent out their annual Lunar New Year messages from one of the large LED billboards overlooking the famous intersection where Broadway crosses Seventh Avenue, wishing people all over the world the best for the New Year.

The well-wishing messages from Chinese companies during China’s most important annual holiday were designed to promote Chinese culture, improve the visibility of Chinese brands and enhance awareness worldwide of the commitment and dedication on behalf of Chinese companies to creating a better planet for one and all.

The roster of participating Chinese companies, in addition to the ones listed above, included Sanrenxuan, Panpan Foods, Fuzhou Airlines, Cheetah Mobile, Delfino, Xuebao Wood, Grandland Intelligent,, NormalTeck, Deer Jet, Easily, Dr. Plant, Ann Jema, Thunderobot, Guotai, Sunshine Door & Window, Charm Zenus, Aris, Goldenway Group, Tianba, Gooben, UE, Pamirs, Msekko, Winto Ceramics, Boncham, Qierte, Aozzo, Regalia Group, Odijoo, Elian Home, Serkuro, Onion, Most-Home, Globalkids, Sweetie Salad, Hanhoo, Gaibailin, BORCCI, SCLnow, Guanqin, Mlily, Reimah,, Kaiyun Motors, Sunny Dental Group, ROSDN, October Fifth Bakery Macau, JUVA, ofo, Higold, Dragon Coin Group, Yogomo, Ever Fountain Financial Group and Bybo Dental Group.

The business opportunities, challenges and long-term prospects that China has had and continues to have on offer have drawn global attention for years, despite the sometimes repetitive negative coverage by some media organizations in terms of their viewpoint on the Chinese economy. The New Year’s message is a form of response from Chinese companies to the negative coverage, sending a strong message that, in addition to the shift from a goods manufacturer and exporter to a powerhouse with strong independent brands and the presence of a generation of consumers with meaningful purchasing power, China has established itself at the forefront of global innovation.

For some Chinese companies, including Greenland Group, Mengniu, Bybo Dental Group, Chando, Lolo, NormalTeck, Opple Light, Dr. Plant, Panpan Foods, CYSQ, AUX, Qierte, Ankai, Stanley, Aris and Hanhoo, it is the second year in a row that they have chosen to issue the New Year’s greeting from the top of the famous square, along with several newcomers who decided to join the lineup, among them, Sanrenxuan, Cheetah Mobile, Delfino, Reimah,, Msekko, Ofo,, Onion and Sweetie Salad.

On the day of the inauguration of the new US president, Donald Trump, the Chinese Entrepreneur Hall of Fame (HSMRT) ran a large-scale advertisement in celebration of his inauguration, drawing wide attention from media organizations both in and outside of China. The running of the giant ad was cited as headline news by several international media organizations including the BBC as well as by many domestic news outlets, among them, the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong.

SOURCE Huashang Taolue


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