China HNWI invest offshore into USA

China HNWIChinese High Net Worth Individuals (China HNWI) living in the PRC and wanting to invest offshore in income producing property in the USA (e.g. office building, shopping mall, apartment complex), can’t find a better opportunity.

  1. China HNWI investment money is transferred as a contribution to his Hong Kong (HK) pension via the Shanghai through train broker/dealer. UP to 6 million USD equivalent in one day.
  2. China HNWI invests into US property continuously exempt from capital gains tax, which means that when he sells his property he would not pay a 30% Tax!
  3. While China HNWI holds the property the income goes into his HK pension as a contribution to his pension and that income is legally , compliantly not reported to the PRC tax authorities; which means if he did not use our structuring his US income would be reported to the PRC tax authorities (PRC people must report their worldwide income)
  4. When China HNWI withdraws money from his HK pension it is tax free in HK and in the PRC.


Hiding assets PRC style and pretending someone else called ”Aunty”, a business, trust or nominee account owns them puts you at criminal risk needlessly

ORSO402(b) legal non-disclosure programming has regulatory recognition in Hong Kong, in the Peoples Republic of China and anywhere else you can think of is AEOI tax rules compliant and excluded foreign financial account.

This is like having your own vault which holds your assets and investments where it is Hong Kong Government regulated, registered and recognized free from tax and reporting in the Peoples Republic of China.

This means that this is a place where you are not going to have trouble with the local government in the PRC because it is legally recognized tax compliance.

[box type=”tick”]This is an outbound investment through train from Shanghai to Hong Kong[/box]

This Foreign Retirement Plan ORSO 402(b) has a legal through train from Shanghai to Hong Kong for money to be invested similar to a foreign investment company. This legal through train, established quite recently, facilitates outbound investments as a legal matter. There is no magic in this; it is a very straight forward and a recognized PRC and Hong Kong legal process.

[box type=”info”]Where money is invested or how it is invested is not a tax or exchange control issue it is a matter for your own good judgement and control[/box]

  • Tax free investment income and gains
  • Employer Tax deductible contributions to Hong Kong from Peoples Republic of China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines
  • Tax-free payment by this plan to members in Peoples Republic of China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines

The ONE safe method is transparency that retains non-disclosure, secret and private benefits.

Photo credit: RomanK Photography via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND


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