Blame it on FATCA

FATCAIf the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) were not in effect, bogus disclosures like the Panama Papers would never happen. FATCA is the net that catches the fish when the offshore shelter is attacked, the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP) is the hook. If you miss the net and hook, then you’ll be clubbed on the head by the IRS, when you’re poking nose up to take look if the coast is clear, whack! they’ve been patiently waiting for you to surface, now you’re dead in the water. That’s a brutal metaphor to describe the hunting strategy of the U.S. Government but make no mistake about it, it’s open-season on anyone with offshore assets denominated in USD, and if they miss the shot, they’ll pass on your co-ordinates so another Government can get a shot at you.

[box]Sovereignty of the individual is at risk because of FATCA. Take action and protect your right, to exist how and where you decide. The Regulated Asset Protection Structure that we recommend provides a legal framework for geo-diversification in a Government recognized retirement plan, specifically created for overseas living.[/box]

Get the Governments out of your future financial planning by following the steps of millions of citizens, from dozens of countries, who have Hong Kong Pension plans – recognized in multi-lateral Tax Information Exchange Agreements signed by 26 countries. The Hong Kong ORSO Laws (occupational retirement scheme ordinance) present the perfect remedy for FATCA because they’re regulated by global governance and audited yearly, completely transparent to the U.S. Treasury Department and other Governments. This is what makes your offshore assets on the grid, secure and private.

Occupational Retirement Plan Law

What is the Difference between a saving account with a retirement plan label on it?

What is your regulatory reporting position?

  • IRS Form 8957
  • IRS Form 8621
  • IRS Form 3520
  • IRS Form 8938
  • FinCEN 114 ?
  • W-8BEN-E box 29(b) or 29(e)

Brought to you by IRC 402(b)

It has been famously said that the true long-term holder of capital should think of deferred tax as an interest-free loan from the government. Unlike ordinary debt, you get the benefit of more assets working for you but you have no monthly payments, you are charged no interest expense, and you get to decide when the bill comes due.

Capture growth offshore - FATCA Solution

Regulatory Compliance Continuously

[box type=”tick”]IRS Global Intermediary Identification Number[/box]

[box type=”tick”]Individual tax reporting is one stop IRS Form 8938[/box]

By government and governance recognized

  • FATCA/ IGA’s
  • DTAs
  • TIEAs
  • AEIO (130 Jurisdictions)
  • O.E.C.D. Common Reporting Standard

[box type=”alert”]Off the Shelf Domestic plans just don’t deliver.[/box]

Participation requirements

  1. Funding limits
  2. Expensive Tax compliance at both the institutional and individual level

[box type=”note” size=”large” style=”rounded” border=”full”]Retirement plan law overrides tax law and securities law[/box]

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