Carbonfuture launches Catalyst – accelerating high-quality carbon removal to gigatonne-scale

Recent market investment in and growing need for carbon removal technology creates the perfect opportunity for the Carbonfuture Catalyst program, helping emerging carbon removal ventures enter the carbon removal market with third-party verified credits.    

FREIBURG, Germany, May 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Carbonfuture, the vetted marketplace and platform for companies looking to work with best-in-class carbon removal partners, announced today the launch of Carbonfuture Catalyst, a program designed to support teams and companies developing innovative carbon removals.  

Carbonfuture Catalyst aims to foster the growth of new carbon removal ventures by providing early access to revenue. To guarantee quality at scale, the program takes a novel approach, serving as a quality-ensuring launchpad for emerging technologies. Its benefits serve multiple target groups: For early-stage carbon removal companies, Catalyst enables the successful evolution from proof-of concept-to delivery of trusted carbon removal credits ready to scale. For more mature ventures seeking guidance to help develop methodology and procedures in monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) of the carbon sinks they are creating, the Catalyst program serves as a close partner. 

Participating companies have access to, among other things:   

  • A path to long-term, large-scale credit offtake with exploratory (risk-free, no strings attached) pre-purchase of removal credits  
  • A team of technical experts across relevant fields 
  • Support in the development of robust monitoring processes and carbon accounting methodologies 
  • Formal credit review and approval process before going to market 
  • An amalgamation of innovative CDR ventures, connecting members to a broader community of corporates and strategic stakeholders

This is another big step for us as a company and the overall carbon removal industry” said Hannes JungingerCEO of Carbonfuture. “Supporting emerging companies that are committed to finding new and trusted ways to do carbon removal is essential to achieving the scale we need to tackle the climate crisis in a meaningful way. Today, there is simply not enough supply and projects to take carbon out of the atmosphere. This problem is huge – as a new industry, we need to build an army of people and companies with shared principles and dedication to fighting this battle together. We are here for those companies and leaders.” 

For further information, participation criteria, and application submissions visit our website.

About Carbonfuture 

Carbonfuture is a platform and vetted marketplace for companies who are serious about removing carbon from the atmosphere. Our commitment is to unlock the rapid scaling of a high-quality carbon removal industry, which we approach with long term partners, a blockchain-based carbon-tracking platform and enabling financing tools. Carbonfuture partner companies are committed to carbon removal done the right way. Visit 

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