White Dragon Society, IMF, GCR, Heritage Bonds and Bank Trading Programs

White dragon society and bank trading programsOver the past several years we have received requests from dozens of legitimate groups claiming to have imminent closings and requesting us to supply them with high level receiving bank accounts and trading programs. Not a single one has ever received any funds.

Chinese Bonds – The Beijing government has stopped redeeming these. They only redeemed 250 about this time last year, then stopped, and said they will not do any more. This is a complete waste of time.

Global Currency Reset (GCR) – This is also a complete waste of time. This has been a rumour for years. It means that all currencies will be re-valued and gold-backed. Not going to happen.

International Monetary Fund – The IMF is a division of the World Bank. Among other things, along with the Federal Reserve, it oversees trading programs. In conjunction with the World Bank, it does allocate certain funds for project funding.

So this is a possible source for project funding, but not in the hundreds of billions. It is highly regulated, and it is unlikely someone in the broker world would be the recipient of these funds. These projects would be approved for infrastructure, food, energy and humanitarian purposes. They would also be paid in tranches according the needs of the project—not all at once. Most likely in the tens of millions per tranche.

Monetizing SBLCs delivered via Swift MT760 – This is a legitimate business. Our group monetizes SBLCs and places the proceeds into trade programs. Here is how this works. A provider delivers to us an SBLC or BG. We discount it and provide a line of credit against this bank instrument as collateral. The BG or SBLC usually matures in one year, at which time it can be cashed in at the issuing bank at face value. The monetized funds must go into a trading program. This is how the monetizer / trade group makes it’s money. A pre-agreed amount of the proceeds of the trade program are then paid to the issuer of the bank instrument.

[box type=”note”]SBLCs, BGs and Documentary Letters of Credit are all commonly used in the course of buying and selling of commodities—mostly shipments of oil. The above mentioned use for SBLCs and BGs (monetizing and trading) are not really the intended use for these instruments. However, they can still be used for this purpose.[/box]

The proceeds of the trade program depend on how it is structured. If it is a Fed trade (which is highly recommended and the way we do it), it means the Feds and IMF are supervising the trade, and it is being done by a licensed trader. There are only seven licensed tier-one traders, and any of the Fed trades must be done through one of these. Three of these seven trade groups are not even active. The max for a Fed trade is $5B. It can go higher under certain circumstances and government / agency approvals.

The trader is always required to place a certain percentage of his share of the earnings into projects, which is at least 80%. The client is not necessarily required to place his funds into projects—again, depending on how it is structured. This means that most of the project funding worldwide is coming from a small handful of trade groups. And those projects are pre-determined and pre-approved—often through the UN or World Bank.

The funds allocated for those projects are paid out in tranches and not intended for further trading. There is no need for third-party receiving accounts since the funds are paid into a hi-level account already set up for that purpose.

[box type=”info”]Most of the information brokers have received and are passing on about trading and project funding is not correct. And even if it were correct, those funds would not pass through their hands.[/box]

Other sources of funds – There are a number of other exotic sources of funds that many brokers believe will pay them trillions of dollars. These include Zimbawe Zims, Iraqi Dinars, S2S downloads, MT103 one-ways, Bank Drafts, and all sorts of heritage assets. These are mostly a waste of time.

[box type=”alert”]The bottom line is that most of what people believe is going to make them rich are simply fantasies.[/box]

However, there is an element of truth to all this. Trading under the right conditions is real and generates a lot of money. But 99% of the files we receive for trading are simply fraudulent, or the person sending the asset has no control over it. So most of these files are never transacted on.

The other large source of funds we have not discussed comes from conversion of heritage accounts (off-ledger grey-screen or blue-screen funds). In other words, these are restricted funds which can be converted to un-restricted or on-ledger funds in the banking system. Again, 99% of the attempts to do anything with restricted funds fails. They are restricted for a reason. However, our group is able to work with heritage funds after receiving approval from the various governments, and the regulatory agencies involved, such as the Feds and IMF, etc.

We are doing this for the first time on a large scale starting this month and continuing throughout the year. This will be the largest source of project funds by far. But none of what you have been promised from various sources is coming from these heritage funds transactions. This is because this is all new, and we have not designated the projects yet.

We hope this answers some of your questions. Please feel free to contact us anytime.


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