VToken Obtains US STO License, Decentralize Digital Asset Ecosystem Welcomes Spring

US STO License, Decentralize Digital Asset Ecosystem

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 25, 2019 / On March 18, 2019, VToken, a world-renowned decentralized trading platform, received the STO issuance and transaction license issued by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). As of now, only four companies worldwide hold it, and VToken is one of them. After obtaining the STO license, the relevant person in charge of VToken said, “We have obtained a Philippine banking license and are currently applying for a Cambodian banking license. In the future, the platform will incubate 30 companies with STO license and form the world’s first STO eco-exchange.”

VToken Obtains US STO License, Decentralize Digital Asset Ecosystem Welcomes Spring

In fact, VToken has been focusing on blockchain project development, including digital asset registration, blockchain wallet service, blockchain explorer and various mobile app wallet. Since its inception, it has broken national borders and spread globally. Its core members are from Ripple (XRP), Stellar (XLM) and LeEco blockchain laboratories, bringing together the world’s top blockchain industry experts from technology and traditional finance. As the world’s leading provider of blockchain solutions, VToken, based on public chain technology of blockchain, aiming to build a complete decentralized digital asset ecosystem including capital, digital asset management, digital asset payment, blockchain charity, blockchain game, blockchain entertainment, blockchain mall, blockchain community, blockchain tourism and other fields.

As we all know, the cryptocurrency industry created myths in 2017 and crashed in 2018. However, most of the ICO projects with blockchain as the underlying technology have been deprecated with no assets, no credit, cheating investors, pyramid sale, and runaway. The root cause lies in the lack of direct supervision in exchanges and other important links.

STO (Security Token Offering) refers to the issuance of the security token. STO is the continuation of the ICO concept under the SEC’s regulatory requirements. It is the “stress response” issued by governments under the supervision of ICO. It is an effective attempt to incorporate the existing token market into traditional financial regulation under the situation that governments (especially the US government) do not introduce new regulatory policies. In the field, the two issues that investors most concerned about are financial security and returns. Obtaining an STO license means supervision, compliance, safety and stability. As one of the four companies in the world that have STO licenses, VToken will provide investors with a more stable and secure value trading platform under the supervision.

In 2019, I believe that with the emergence of various good news and the relaxation of relevant policies, STO will also welcome its spring. VToken will use the STO opportunity to rely on the STO gateway to promote the arrival of the era that everyone can issue tokens, incubate 30 companies with STO licenses, and set up the world’s first STO eco-exchange, providing a global legal compliance channel for individuals and businesses. The channel will be launched on the world’s first STO decentralized exchange to enable global transactions.

V Capital in VToken will benchmark the world’s leading capital institutions such as Softbank and IDG through the investment in blockchain digital assets, and effectively empower the global economy through the power of financial and blockchain, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. On the one hand, it will acquire (or merge and hold) high-quality entities such as real estate, banking, and entertainment industries, and on the other hand, it will invest in high-tech projects related to blockchain, and build a VToken financial holding empire with digital assets in the end.

It is reported that VToken is expected to obtain the US stock exchange license at the end of March 2019 after obtaining the STO license. At that time, VToken will bring more positive effects to the global blockchain industry.

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