TRN Report Discusses Exit Strategies Adopted by Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms

Real Estate CrowdfundingReal estate crowdfunding (RECF) landscape has transformed rapidly over the past four years. It is much easier to become a real estate investor or developer today, than it was a few years ago. Also, the industry is now open to everyone wherever they are. The developments are making the industry more accessible, transparent, attractive and rewarding. This groundbreaking report also discusses the opportunities, risks, trends projections and exit strategies in RECF industry.

David Drake, Chairman of LDJ Capital, says, “Every investor always wants to have peace of mind and the freedom to make decisions that favor their investments. One of the best ways to achieve this is by being at liberty to exit from a business or deal at any time, for whatever reasons. This report discusses some of the exit strategies that RECF platforms have adopted to give their investors the freedom to leave when they want. If you are an existing or potential investor, this is a report not to miss.”

Most crowdfunding legislations passed and enacted so far have diminished the requirements for  real estate investing. As a result, majority of RECF platforms’ mission is to make their platforms attractive by providing a wide range of lucrative investment opportunities, developing technological tools that make it easier for investors to browse and select deals, and also introducing progress tracking features. These platforms have also developed exit strategies.

Exit strategies make it easier for investors to leave a deal without necessarily having to pull out their money. One exit strategy is allowing investors to sell their property shares to willing buyers on a secondary market. These strategies made it easier for RECF investors to liquidate their investments.

Just like  any other investment, real estate crowdfunding investors may opt to trade their stakes and leave the deal. However, their exit should not affect cash flow of the project.  Hence, explicit exit strategies are very important for real estate crowdfunding platforms. This exclusive report highlighted various exit strategies which enables the industry to be more harmonized and democratized.

An initiative of David Drake, the report is already in its third edition. started preparing this report in 2014.  This 2016/2017 TRN Report provides an analysis of the changing realty crowdfunding landscape and offers insights into the top RECF platforms in the industry.

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