Anchor Exchange Alley - Online Trading and Offshore InvestingIndividuals wanting to invest internationally or wishing to have U.S. dollar exposure must take heed of both FATCA and the AIFMD. For example, if a U.S. fund manager is approached by a potential investor from the EU, the question which must be asked is whether or not the fund will be in breach of EU law by accepting the investment. An individual is viewed differently to a foreign retirement plan doing the same thing.

Where an individual EU investor wishes to invest, he or she is better placed to invest from outside the EU and through a foreign retirement plan that takes him/her outside the scope of the EU directive. A U.S. fund, hedge fund or private equity fund without registration in the EU runs the risk of exposing itself to claims and therefore being non-compliant even if it is marketing to professional investors.

There are now far more restrictions on investment in the EU than ever before and this has effectively shut the U.S. market out of the EU because private equity managers or hedge funds in the U.S. can now face stiff regulatory penalties. Many investors now invest indirectly via their pension funds. Once an individual is inside a pension structure they have many many excellent online investing options available to them. Here are two recommendations for Professional Investors and Online Traders.

Rock Trader Pro for Online Trading

Rock Trader Pro offers you the possibility of trading several products on all major exchanges around the Globe.

You will be able to trade Equities, CFDs, ETFs, ETCs, Futures & Options, FX and Bonds.

With this online trading platform, every account is individually segregated. From our master account we are able to monitor your portfolio, trade or proceed with a block trade to all the sub-accounts.

You will also have possibility of accessing your account through the downloadable version of Rock Trader Pro or through our Rock Trader Hercules (web-trader). Please find below the links for the respective demos:

The Rock Trader Pro downloadable version:
The Rock Trader Hercules demo account:

Equities: You will be able to trade around 11,500 equities from over 23 of the World’s major stock exchanges.

Some of the exchanges available:
American Stock Exchange; – New York Stock Exchange; – London Stock Exchange; – Euronext – Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon; – Australian Stock Exchange; – Hong Kong Exchange; – And more. –

CFDs: You can trade over 7,000 different instruments and more than 15 Index- tracking CFDs on 20 worldwide exchanges. CFDs are available to trading on Direct Market Access (DMA) basis from over 15 major exchanges.

ETFs & ETCs: There are available for trading around 650 ETFs on Rock Trader Pro. Please find a list of ETFs that are available on this platform.

Market Data with FE Analytics for Offshore Investing

1) Comprehensive Database:
With a total of 300,000+ global funds, FE Analytics offers you complete information from daily NAV prices, official fund house factsheets, holdings data to 1,000+ global benchmark indices.
2) User-friendly Interface:
FE Analytics is designed for the retail asset and wealth management market with user-friendliness at the core of the interface, navigation and functions. Besides quick-to-run charts, tables and reports, sophisticated users can also custom-build their own templates.
3) Great Variety of Analytical and Comparison Tools:
To meet your needs at every level, you are equipped with choices to plot over 20 different types of charts, tables and reports to conduct thorough analysis and comparison from the perspectives of return, risk plus other technical factors for your desired funds, sectors, benchmarks and portfolios
• Performing fund searches by predefined criteria (e.g. funds with annualized return > 5%)
• Quick customized searches can be done by creating filters to match your buy/sell list
•Top 10 holdings
•Sector allocation, region allocation and asset weightings
Historical Breakdown
•Historical fund size
•Historical changes in sector weightings, region weightings and asset weightings
FE Analytics offers the ability to generate charts to perform customized research
• Ability to export to PDF, Image, Clipboard
• A wide range of charting options is available
Bollinger Bands, Scatter Chart, MACD Chart
FE Analytics allows users to create own portfolios for performance monitoring and analysis with an auto-refresh feature to allow quick and easy management
Historic Portfolio:
This report details all the historical portfolio transaction that has been made to a portfolio


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