The Day Your IRA/401(k) Dies

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October 20th, 2015. That date might not mean much to you now, but it will. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is expected to meet and announce that it intends to replace the U.S. Dollar as the default reserve currency. What’s that mean for Americans with retirement accounts? It means if your IRA or 401(k) is invested entirely in dollar based assets like stocks and bonds (which it most likely is), you could be headed for financial disaster.

Once the IMF makes their announcement, billions and quite possibly trillions of U.S. Dollars will be shifted, essentially overnight wreaking havoc on your retirement account. Should you be worried? Definitely! Should you be prepared? Absolutely!

Self Directed IRA Satisfies both the U.S. Tax Law and the Foreign Recognized Non Disclosure Reporting Law Requirement.

Outcome: of a USA qualified retirement plan ‘rollover” to a non-US foreign investment account, registered in foreign government regulated in occupational pension law, registered in FATCA and recognized by the IRS, without a current tax consequence in the USA or Foreign country of residence provides:

Our Solution is Not a Choice but a Requirement for Tax Preferred Withdrawals

  • IRS recognized Tax deferred on gains and accumulations from outside the USA
  • Asset Protection in Governmental Agreements Globally
  • Exempt from foreign government reporting of an overseas fina ncial account
  • Legally excluded from foreign country assets reporting
  • Exempt from foreign country income tax, wealth tax or estate tax exposure
  • Registered foreign financial account as a deemed professional investor, foreign resident and non U.S. person.


[box type=”tick” style=”rounded” border=”full”]This IRC 402(b) Government Regulated, FATCA Registered and IRS Recognized W-8BEN-E box 29e foreign retirement plan administrator is the Foreign Financial Account holder of plan assets for both within and from beyond the borders of the USA. Click Here to get the Free White Paper[/box]

Overseas IRA open doors to:

  • Access investments worldwide without US Person blockages
  • Access investments that are outside S.E.C. trading barriers.
  • Access investments without some of the restrictions of qualifie d plans (eg UBIT)
  • Access to institutional purchasing power
  • Access can include hedge funds, private equity and leveraged in vestments
  • Access to investments from a tax free environment.
  • Diversify across different markets, currencies, and legal systems.

The only Asset Protection, Safety and Security by Governmental Agreements:

  • Foreign regulated retirement plan Trustee recognized by the US. Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, OECD, Double Tax Agreement and Tax Information Exchange Agreements.
  • Geo-diversification of investments, custodians and securities markets
  • Statutory legal protection avoids claims, counter claims, discovery, summons, new parties joined, dispositions, interrogatories, court judgment, and claims of a divorce court or bankruptcy court.
  • Tax law free, estate tax law free, securities law free and monet ary control law free
  • Retirement plan law recognized in Common, Civil and Sharia la w countries
  • Secret and Private by the IRS, FATCA, Statute Law and Governance.
  • “Triangle of Security” safety and security segregates custody fr om ownership
  • U.S. IRS regulated, registered and recognized Trustee
  • Registered exempt from reporting on IRS W -8BEN-E box 29e
  • No W-9 filing required on overseas investment account
  • No IRS Form 8938 filing
  • No U.S. Treasury FinCEN 114 filing
  • No IRS Form 3520 or 3520a filing

Reduced portfolio risk: When you invest from inside different international markets, you segregate across different markets, currencies, and legal systems.

Asset protection: This U.S. court recognized private and secret legal framework is a great way to gain protection from the U.S. lawsuit industry

Exempt from Estate Tax: by means of integrating double tax agreements.

Investment continuity and safety: The attacks of September 11, 2001, demonstrated the vulnerability of the U.S. financial infrastructure. U.S. securities markets closed for four days after the attack. During this time, U.S. investors with only U.S. brokerage accounts were locked out. But U.S. investors with foreign accounts could trade foreign securities on foreign exchanges.

Uncorrelated political risks: The optimal safety is to totally eliminate your dependence on any one country.

Security for the future is segregated components:
A) Jurisdiction of the legal framework,
B) Jurisdiction of the custodian and,
C) Jurisdiction of the investment account.

U.S. Expat FATCA Solution:

You obtain foreign company residency when your company is owned by your foreign resident registered IRC 402(b). Therefore, our first step is to organize your business ownership, command and control, to be a tax recognized resident in a Hong Kong 402(b) foreign retirement plan. [box type=”note” style=”rounded” border=”full”]Learn more – Click Here to get the Free White Paper[/box]


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