Self Directed IRA with Online Trading Platform

Skytrain Thailand - Self Directed IRAA currently popular structure for the Self Directed IRA, is to be connected with an online trading platform:

Do you know why income taken from your IRA in Thailand will be taxed?

Online trading means with your self directed IRA you trade stocks, options, futures, Forex, bonds and funds on over 50 markets worldwide from your own segregated individual sub-account of the W-8BEN-E Trustee Master Account. The W-8BEN-E is how you prevent Thailand taxing your IRA income.

Global choice of asset class and currency without US person blockage.

Additional benefits:

  1. Prevents IRA income from suffering Thailand income tax.
  2. US persons can be resident in the USA or overseas
  3. The platform itself has no cost other than low cost fees for each trade

[box type=”tick”]Your program is operational within three weeks.[/box]

This Self-Directed IRA, Allows Online Trading Offshore in a Tax Free Environment:

Online trading means you trade stocks, options, futures, Forex, bonds and funds on over 50 markets worldwide You buy and sell within the same plan and generate profits tax-free Multi-jurisdictional investing means you are able to control safety, security, asset class and currency You roll our 401(k) and/or IRA into this Self Directed IRA without tax consequence.

Your trading is deemed a ”professional investor”, non U.S. Person and has institutional purchasing power:

This W-8BEN-E box 29(e) registration signifies it is AEOI tax rules compliant and exempt; non-reporting Foreign Financial Institution excluded account. That all means there is no U.S. Person blockage to overseas investing in a tax free environment.

This is a U.S. Treasury, Internal Revenue Service and FATCA valid path which has been created for you to open an offshore account which has unlimited rights to global investment choice. Your U.S. Trustee maintains your IRS reporting and U.S. Tax compliance.

[box type=”info”]The world’s top asset managers gravitate to a tax-free operational environment.[/box]

Want to make the upgrade? Reach out to us here to obtain a copy of the trustee guide to exporting your IRA and 401(k) Investments which has been prepared by US legal specialists of Asset Protection in cooperation with the U.S. IRA Trustee.


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