SAS Global Community Alliance Opened Ceremoniously in Singapore’s Old Parliament

Singapore Parliament

HONG KONG, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / June 14, 2019 / On June 12, 2019, the Global Blockchain Technology and Application Summit was held in the Old Parliament in Singapore. At the summit, the SAS Global Community Alliance was officially unveiled, marking the birth of a new blockchain operator.

The summit invited top experts, scholars and celebrities from the United States, France, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, China, and Singapore to gather in Singapore to explore the cutting-edge trends in blockchain technology development, and to conduct in-depth analysis from the aspects of block chain industry, technological innovation and the development trend of block chain, so as to promote the development and growth of block chain technology in various countries and provide new impetus for global economic recovery.

SAS Global Community Alliance Opened Ceremoniously in Singapore's Old Parliament

Singapore’s former congressman, Prime Minister’s Office Senior Government Minister Zeng Shisheng and SAS Global Community Alliance Chairman Daniel, accompanied by hundreds of guests, unveiled the SAS Global Community Alliance.

In his speech, Zeng Shisheng said that Singapore is a world financial center, a transit trade center and an international brand place. He welcomes more entrepreneurs to come to Singapore, and more high-tech companies come to Singapore to promote the development and construction of smart countries in Singapore.

Daniel, chairman of the SAS Global Community Alliance, said in a speech that SAS is the full name of the Supersmart Application System. It is a decentralized bottom-level application system that uses chain data structure, distributed node consensus algorithm, automated script code, RLP coding rules and other technologies to realize cross-asset transaction. Users can freely trade and transfer assets of different platforms according to their own, and realize asset protection of their platforms through compliant registration.In the future, SAS will attract more developers, help a large number of commercial applications emerge on the SAS platform, quickly form a platform ecosystem, and become an ultra-low-level public chain capable of supporting large-scale commercial applications.Currently, SAS has applied to the SEC (US Securities Regulatory Commission) for registration (CIK: 0001773898).

Daniel ‘s speech won applause. The experts and scholars at the conference expressed their appreciation for the SAS project, which has broad application prospects. Members of the SAS Global Community Alliance from more than 10 countries in the field said that they would actively promote the application of SAS and promote the development of SAS community. After returning to their home country, they will actively promote the landing application of SAS, promote the development of SAS community, and jointly build the carrier of SAS, the public chain of the block chain.


SOURCE: SAS Global Community


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