Move your IRA to an Offshore Investment Account

Dhow traversing the Nile near Aswan - Investment account
Dhow traversing the Nile near Aswan

Transfer your USA IRA to a Registered Foreign Account

The purpose is to transfer assets of a USA qualified retirement plan to a non-U.S. investment account, recognized by the IRS and FATCA, without a change to current tax consequence (Ordinary IRA or Roth IRA). This delivers to a U.S. person:

  • Tax-free transfer of his retirement account assets to an overseas investment account
  • IRS recognized tax recognized from outside the USA
  • Simplified tax reporting of overseas accounts (FinCEN Form 114 and IRS Form 8938 only)
  • Legally excluded from foreign country assets reporting
  • Exempt from foreign country tax exposure
  • Overseas FATCA registered and IRS recognized retirement plan Trustee provides for global choice of, investment and securities market without U.S. person restraint, restriction, limitation or blockage.

This U.S. person investment account features:

  • Client centric FE Analytics investment choice filtering system globally
  • Government regulated fiduciary resources
  • “Triangle of Security” of custodian, investment account and trustee
  • Liquidity at all times
  • Global choice of asset type, class and currency

This offshore solution delivers additional benefits that include:

  • Geo-diversification of investments, custodian and financial market
  • Securities dealings are not USA person restricted, restrained or limited. All dealings are deemed as a professional foreign investor
  • Global selection to choose the jurisdiction of the custodian and the jurisdiction of the investment account without U.S. person blockage
  • Safety & Security (Government Regulatory, Statutory law and no 3rd party risk)
Implementation provides:
  • a foreign investment account Ordinary or Roth IRA
  • access to all investment sources globally for income from capital which is the whole point and purpose of all retirement plans in perpetuity

The result of holding this specific foreign investment account is:

  • no Unrelated Business Income Tax or Income (UBIT or UBTI)
  • recognized exempt from tax in Common, Civil and Sharia law
The intended use of this recommendation is:
  • to provide multi-jurisdictional investment choice without U.S. Person investment restrictions, restraints or blockages.
  • to comply with disclosure reporting, tax compliance.
  • to provide statutory asset protection acknowledged by the IRS.

[box type=”note” style=”rounded” border=”full”]When your investments are overseas via a U.S. Qualified Retirement Plan they are excluded from Passive Foreign Investment Company (PFIC) and Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) rules.[/box]

A relevant foreign investment account must provide at minimum:

  • Choice and control over investment class, type, currency and securities market
  • No U.S. person restrictions, restraints or limitations
  • Full disclosure reporting.
  • Recognized asset protected by foreign domestic law, Double Tax Agreement (DTA) and Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA)
  • Pension law that preempts securities regulatory law
  • Safety & Security in a multi-jurisdictional “Triangle of Security”
  • An investment account pre-qualified as a professional investor
  • Operational use to investment dealings both from inside or from outside the USA
  • U.S. Person access to investing in the same manner as a tax-free foreign resident
  • This puts your qualified plan assets under your control without a change in your tax consequence. and you will be able to purchase from offshore any registered, regulated and recognized security globally as a foreign investor.


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