International Retirement Plan

International Retirement PlanHow many people have enough savings for retirement now?

Today’s statistic is that a person over age 50 who loses his job will have a 90% chance of not finding another one. Everyone needs a retirement plan because no-one knows when an industry shift, or economic downturn could effect your career and your life, in a very negative way. Please give this consideration: pre-tax contribution retirement plan that provides two tax affected benefits immediately

  1. increases your investment yield without risk
  2. permits deferring large chunks of income pre-tax to reach your retirement savings goal.

The reason those two benefits (above) are important is because:

  • Tax affected yield increases the speed to your retirement savings goal
  • Increased size of your savings contribution means you can make retirement the best years of your life!

This international retirement plan is not new, it was launched by the Internal Revenue Service Tax Code 402(b) back in 1986, Yes 30 years ago, and There is a huge wave of need that has been created by international enforcement of U.S. Tax Compliance by the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act that is driving U.S. Multinationals to install this plan now.

Strategic Partner Brokers immediately have access to outsource a turn-key international retirement plan facility that includes a dedicated team of Alliance specialists that is a real competitive advantage to drive new clients forward; while you keep the continuity of your own services.

Offering our International Retirement Plan is one of the most effective differentiators of all because an Internal Revenue Service Tax Code 402(b) foreign government regulated, registered and recognized occupational retirement plan has tax deferred income and remuneration credential status globally that Multinationals value to address their domestic and international employee retirement plan needs through a one-stop single source of contact. This means that for professionals who want confidence in the details they will want to study this more fully with me on their own time.

The best adviser knows ”success in times of rapid change requires two traits: the vision to recognize the coming wave, and the resources to take advantage of it”.

Why Everyone needs an International Retirement Plan

Rules have changed since July 2014

“Protect Your 401K /IRA from Foreign Country Tax by Double Tax Agreement (DTA)”

Reasons to roll your 401 (k) / IRA into a Foreign Registered Self-Directed IRA to:

  • purchase investments inside the same plan and generate profits tax-free
  • purchase investments from the tax free offshore environment
  • eliminate W-9 foreign financial account reporting and tax challenges
  • register in a Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) recognized valid path

Tax Rules Compliant and Exempt; Non-Reporting and Excluded Account.

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