Five-to-One Advantage in Market Speculation

Yang - Five-to-one AdvantageQ: Can I get a five-to-one advantage over 98% of market players using the Fixed System?
A: Yes. That’s the minimum. It’s possible to get more as your skill improves.

Q: Why do you say the advantage is at minimum five to one? What’s your basis for saying that?
A: I once took a week-long course called “Shoot Don’t Shoot” taught by a well-known police trainer. I learned that the average time to react is five tenths of a second. The average time to act is only one tenth of a second. That’s a five-to-one advantage. You have the initiative and are forcing the other party to react to you. Sun Tzu wrote: if you determine the place and time of the battle, you have won before it starts. It’s an underlying principal of asymmetric warfare. It’s a reason that the USA was defeated in Vietnam and is losing in Afghanistan.

Q: You make a powerful presentation for the five-to-one advantage. Why do you say “over 98% of market players”?
A: 98% of the population is negative. They do not have a definite life goal — a reason for living. They drift through life and accept whatever mother nature and other people provide them. They are the reactive yin, not the active positive yang. Market speculation is a zero sum game. If you’re not actively working toward a definite goal with a definite plan, you are automatically negative. There is no third position.

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