Euro Pacific Bank a Model for Offshore Banking

Peter Schiff, founder of Euro Pacific Bank
Euro Pacific Bank

Euro Pacific Bank is headquartered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines where it is licensed and regulated by the I.F.S.A as a Class A International Bank. With the strictest privacy available, Euro Pacific Bank does not engage in speculation, lending or trading with client funds and all deposits are held with a 100% reserve requirement.

With a proven track record for understanding macro-economic events, Euro Pacific Bank is structured with your privacy and security in mind. When dealing with a 3rd party or institutional partner, your personal information is protected and correspondence is through a private, numbered account.

Euro Pacific Bank is a Gold-backed bank that understands the importance of preserving and protecting your wealth by offering revolutionary Gold and Silver backed bank accounts stored as 100% physical precious metals.


Euro Pacific Bank offers private, safe bank accounts held in 100% reserve status so that you can be confident knowing that your funds are always available.
Offering a full range of services including:

  • Personal and Corporate accounts in USD/EUR/CAD/GBP/AUD
  • Online banking
  • No monthly/yearly account fees or minimum balance requirements
  • Gold and Silver backed accounts to protect wealth
  • Pre-paid debit cards
  • Self-directed, discount brokerage platform (20+ global exchanges, CFDs, FOREX and more)
  • Unlimited incoming and outgoing wires using SWIFT
  • Globally diversified, professionally managed investment products available
  • *Interest is not paid on cash accounts since funds are never loaned out.


EuroPac Bank offers Internet Banking with access to a dedicated banker and account manager via phone, email and Skype.

Online banking includes:

  • View your account balance in real-time
  • View and print account statements
  • Load debit card via secure online system
  • Initiate incoming and outgoing SWIFT wires
  • Buy/sell Gold and Silver 24/7
  • Currency conversion


  • Wires are individually booked to ensure safety and correctness
  • Numbered accounts with all banking partners
  • Secure, private messaging to bank staff
  • Encrypted banking software
  • Human verification process to protect from electronic hacking


Euro Pacific Bank offers a pre-paid debit cards denominated in:

  • Available in multi-currency
  • Card is funded online with cash balance
  • $150 activation fee
  • Accepted in over 210 countries

Euro Pacific Bank pre-paid cards are a private and secure way for clients to withdraw funds directly from their offshore account via automatic teller, point of sale transactions and online payments.


  • $2,500 minimum
  • Award-winning Global Trade Station platform
  • Web, Mobile and Desktop optimized trading
  • Trade over 160 currency pairs with live streaming prices and spreads as low as 2 pips
  • 20+ international exchanges with equities, CFDs and ETFs available
  • Trade 400+ online futures contracts
  • Trade Gold and Silver SPOT
  • Fees charged at time of trade and vary across exchanges

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