Effective Employee ID Card Policy: Use This 12-Point Checklist

Employee ID Card

Spell out who must carry Employee ID card and procedures for using and obtaining them, says ID expert David Finkelstein of InstantCard

ROCKVILLE, MD / ACCESSWIRE / July 11, 2019 / Many employers, from small businesses to large companies, nonprofits and government agencies, issue photo ID cards but neglect a key step.

They do not have an explicit policy describing what is expected of employees regarding the use of ID cards, says David Finkelstein, president of InstantCard and Credential Verification Service.

He offers a checklist designed to help employers develop a robust enforceable photo ID card policy that’s adapted to the needs of their organization.

1. Who is expected to carry an ID card or badge?

2. What are the procedures for obtaining an ID card?

3. When are employees expected to carry their ID cards?

4. Are the cards to be displayed or simply available for inspection?

5. What should an employee do if he or she forgets to carry an ID card?

6. What are the procedures for replacing a lost ID card?

7. Who should be contacted if someone finds a stray ID card?

8. What are the procedures concerning ID cards upon termination?

9. What is the expiration or replacement cycle for ID cards?

10. For ID cards with color codes or different formats, what do they signify?

11. Are visitors, vendors, contractors, temporary staff and others required to have an ID card? If so, what are the requirements for each group?

12. Where can employees find the policies/procedures?

“If your company policy answers most of the above questions, the implementation of your ID card program should proceed quickly and smoothly,” he says.

Since 2007, InstantCard has been America’s first 100 percent web-based photo ID card service. Using cloud-based technology, InstantCard creates ID cards quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Trustpilot gives InstantCard a five-star “excellent” rating.

More information is available at https://instantcard.net or by calling 888-980-6179.

InstantCard also offers Credential Verification Service for safety-crucial industries such as construction, healthcare, energy, and transportation. Web:www.credentialverificationservice.com.

Contact: Henry Stimpson, Stimpson Communications, 508-647-0705, Henry@StimpsonCommunications.com

SOURCE: InstantCard

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