DarcMatter’s FinTech Platform Evolves to the Blockchain

DarcMatter's FinTech PlatformNEW YORKApril 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — DarcMatter’s company vision is to revolutionize the financial services industry by creating credible, compliant, and cutting edge financial technology to redefine traditional investment services. With the release of DarcMatter Coin (DMC), DarcMatter’s platform will benefit from increased transparency and efficiency through the integration of blockchain.

Blockchain, both in the context of cryptocurrency and its underlying applications, has been the hottest topic of discussion throughout various industries. The common theme is the expected large scale and pervasive impact that the blockchain will have through all industries and all facets of life.

While blockchain as an academic discussion is not new by any means, recently there has been a widespread appreciation for the potential impact that it could have. Blockchain solutions provide the promise of transparency, disintermediation, a new understanding of security, and a distributed system which no longer requires exclusivity on centralized control; however, these solutions require more involvement and responsibility of a network’s participants. These elements are the core drivers for the sudden uptick in attention and notoriety in the space. One of the most discussed elements of blockchain has undoubtedly been cryptocurrency and the underlying transference of value; nearly instantaneously, with a de minimis cost and an unprecedented level of transparency.

However, while currency and legal tender have been a highly debated topic, the future impact of blockchain on the financial services industry has been made more than abundantly clear. Seemingly, everything that plagues our financial system today, whether it be simple wire transfers to large scale foreign currency transactions or institutional grade fraud, blockchain represents an opportunity to upgrade the entire society and system to a new paradigm. DarcMatter will play a key role in this new paradigm.

Blockchain implementation in the alternative fund industry will have much broader implications and capabilities including but not limited to:

  • Seamless cross border investment capabilities
  • Documentation tracking for multi-consensus and logging
  • Additional asset classes being seamlessly distributed through the entire investor vertical

As the leading global fintech platform, DarcMatter is taking a leadership position in this transformational time. DarcMatter has brought the world a new method of transaction and a technology infused medium with which to interact. This has provided LPs from over 24 countries the opportunity to connect with the leading asset managers and fund managers. While our technology platform has brought significant new efficiencies and transparency to the system, upgrading to the blockchain has provided an even more exciting opportunity: to unlock additional efficiencies and increase transparency to new levels.

DarcMatter has chosen the NEM blockchain to build upon and significantly expand DarcMatter’s technological platform features by providing next generation security and execution capability through complete transference of all manual content and contractual interactions that need to occur into the blockchain. NEM was chosen after careful consideration based on many important factors. Of priority, NEM’s strong technology and capabilities for financial transactions, coupled with the dedication by the leadership and the core team to build something that will have wide pervasive impact well into the future. Of additional importance, is the ease of use as it pertains to both public and private use cases, and the Proof of Importance (PoI) capabilities, which DarcMatter has planned modifications for.

DarcMatter’s Management and team are excited to continue to deliver upon the company’s mission as a fintech company: utilizing technology to increase access and transparency, while decreasing costs due to inefficiencies. The development team truly believes that blockchain is the key to taking the financial services industry into a NEW era, and DarcMatter will start by leading the charge for alternative investments.

The Public Presale for DarcMatter Coin is currently open and the private presale is completely sold out. For more information on DarcMatter’s blockchain integration plans, DarcMatter Coin (DMC) and the ICO, visit: https://dmc.darcmatter.com/ and join the DarcMatter DMC ICO Community on Telegram: https://t.me/DarcMatter and https://t.me/DarcmatterChina

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