China Offshore Summit Series

Hupao ("Dreaming of the Tiger") Spring (Hupaomengquan) in Hangzhou, China
Hupao (“Dreaming of the Tiger”) Spring (Hupaomengquan) in Hangzhou, China

Since the inception of the China Offshore Summit series in 2010, China’s HNWI, investment groups and corporations have developed an ever increasing need for sophisticated international wealth, tax and asset planning services. This demand, coupled with growing pressure from local and international taxation authorities for transparency has created a massive gap in traditional offshore planning by local practitioners.China Offshore Summit Series 2015

By October 2014, China had reached annual non-financial ODI levels of USD 81.88 billion, 17.8% increase from last year and over 2.38 million identified HNWI. These figures accentuate both the opportunity and the challenge present for local and international practitioners to deliver reliable “Offshore” solutions to their mainland clients.

The China Offshore Summit has been designed exclusively by China Offshore & local practitioners to educate Chinese financial intermediaries on the effective use of tax planning and asset management tools available in low-tax jurisdictions. With an average of over 500 attendees per event, the China Offshore Summit provides a premium platform for information exchange, business development and much-needed education for Chinese intermediaries in this burgeoning market.

Who Should Attend the China Offshore Summit Series

Senior Level Managers of the Following:

  • Investment Promotion Agencies
  • International and Offshore Law Firms
  • Trust & Fiduciary Service Providers
  • Wealth Management Professionals
  • Corporate Service Providers
  • Tax and Accounting Professionals
  • Private and Offshore Banks
  • Other Offshore Professionals

Why You Should Participate

  • China is the world’s 2nd largest HNWI base – 2.38 million USD millionaire households in 2013
  • In the next 5 – 10 years more than 3 million Chinese will have to succeed their personal assets and corporate matters
  • Chinese HNWI wealth increased by 20% in 2013 to USD 3.8 trillion
  • In 2014, 47% of Chinese HNWI wealth was invested overseas, up from 34% in 2013
  • China’s USD 22 trillion overall private wealth is expected to increase more than 80 percent to USD 40 trillion by 2018
  • In 2014, China’s regulatory regime for outbound investment relaxed further to less burdensome pre-recordal policy

What you will learn from China’s Experts

  • The growing demand of China’s wealth management industry
  • Current trends and overview of immigration
  • How the first generation of China’s HNWI’s view asset succession
  • Solutions for strong control elements common among China’s HNWI
  • Estate Planning with property inside & outside of China for China HNWI
  • Offshore RMB wealth management solutions
  • How to identify Chinese HNWI customers needs and develop differentiated services

Why Shanghai

Shanghai is the biggest port and the center of trade, finance, information and culture in China, and plays an important role in China’s social and economic development. With a population of 16 million, Shanghai contributes 1/12 of China’s total industrial output value, 1/6 of China’s port cargo handling volume, 1/4 of China’s total exports and 1/8 of China’s financial revenue. The average annual growth rate hit 11.8% in 2013.

In 1952, Shanghai’s average per capita GDP was only 430 Yuan (equivalent USD 52). In 1978, it reached 2,498 Yuan (USD 302), surpassed 10,000 Yuan (USD 1,209.2) for the first time in 1990 and soared to 34,600 Yuan or 4,180 USD in 2000, then double that by 2013.

Shanghai has long been a major textile manufacturer, producing material for China’s domestic fashion industry. It is also China’s second largest iron and steel producer and a major refining centre for copper, lead, and zinc. An oil refinery supplies materials for the city’s petrochemical and synthetic fibre industries. Chemicals, plastics, cars, pharmaceuticals, electrical appliances, and fertilizers are also produced, in addition to paper, agricultural machinery, precision instruments, and shipbuilding. Other industries include vegetable oil milling and oil refining. Foreign capital has been floating to this booming city since it began overall reforms over a decade ago. Up to the end of last year, Shanghai had received 31,440 foreign invested projects, total value of which amounted to over 73 billion USD.

Shanghai’s well-deserved reputation as China’s commercial capital has grown faster in recent years as infrastructure development has resulted in vastly improved transportation (including new highways, bridges, tunnels, subway lines, a new international airport and increased port capacity). Business centers in Puxi have continued to be a magnet to foreign executives overseeing their operations in China, and the Lujiazui financial district in Pudong is home to China’s largest stock exchange, the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The newly built magnetic levitation train enhances Shanghai’s stature as a world class business center.

About China Offshore

China Offshore is the leading media company providing offshore finance news and information services to facilitate the needs of financial intermediaries and high net worth individuals in mainland China. China Offshore is among the most trusted resources for China’s business and investment leaders, providing them the uncompromi-sing commentary, concise analysis, and relevant facts and figures on the offshore world as it pertains to China.

The Media Platform

The exclusive offshore finance platform in China, China Offshore, was built from the ground up by media, news reporting, and offshore finance professionals here in China, using the international knowledge of offshore finance, and the on-the-ground expertise of Chinese media. China Offshore covers all essential channels for reaching financial intermediaries including: periodicals, guides, conferences, and online media. Each quarter, the offshore news professionals at China Offshore scour the world’s IFCs to bring our readership the most groundbreaking news, updates, facts and figures on the offshore world as it pertains to China. With our net-work of editors and contributing professionals from around the globe, the depth of coverage and quality of information is unparalleled. China Offshore brings you an international perspective on the most relevant topics that are being discussed and will help you gain an informed viewpoint, as China prepares its accent to the become the worlds largest and most powerful economy.

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