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Brazil Beach House - Provetá Beach & Village - Ilha Grande, Brazil
Provetá Beach & Village – Ilha Grande, Brazil

Sao Paulo, Brazil has a substantial Expat community and a site called is at the center of it, there I’ve met some of the most interesting people through my relationship with the Founder of this Brazilian expat community online hub. We’ve been friends from about the first year I moved to Brazil in ’02, we’ve attend the occasional seminar together, but mostly communicate online, through LinkedIn. We became associated with the man behind my favorite Brazil, real-estate website called ““. What a great hook-up, this team of realtors working the best beaches of Brazil, to showcase the most mouth-watering ocean properties. They’ve earned a tremendous reputation amongst our friends and contacts, by providing world-class service, plus earned the highest accolades for being super helpful. Brazil Beach House should be followed on Twitter, or better yet, surf the site and make contact.

Here’s a revealing statement from the Brazil Beach House website:

We can empathize with our clients as we were in the same situation when first purchasing property in Brazil. After overcoming the challenges of buying property in Natal, setting up a company, gaining permanent residency and learning the language we feel that we are in a strong position to help international investors wishing to do the same.

My full disclosure is that I am not paid to recommend Brazil Beach House and my opinions of beach-front property in Brazil is very bias, always favoring the exceptional over the ordinary. I believe that with over 3,000 kilometers of ocean property it’s more likely to find your ultimate place in the sun here in Brazil. Also, I’m partial to this culture. Hope you remember to bookmark Brazil Beach House and tell your friends to Digg it, Tweet it, and get the word out.

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