BitReserve Foundation Presents a Revolutionary Stablecoin, BRUSD, at BTCWires Summit in London

BTCWires Summit

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / March 30, 2019 / On March 23rd, the BitReserve Foundation appeared at its first showcase event in London to present its revolutionary stablecoin, BRUSD. The event, BTCWires Summit London, was an eventful start of the campaign to get both the financial world, and the blockchain industry to know about BRUSD. The BitReserve Foundation was a proud sponsor for this event hosted at the historical Rembrandt Hotel in downtown London.

During the event, held at Imperial College, presenters such as Jeremy Wilson, Vice Chairman of Barclays, talked about how blockchain can revolutionize banking. There was also a presentation about Bitcoin mining and how the mining process has democratized Bitcoin and truly made it a peer to peer transaction system. Representatives from the Bank of England, ConsenSys, and Hyperledger were also in attendance to participate in a forum about regulations in the blockchain space.

The daytime activities consisted of lecture style presentations and roundtable forums regarding the state of the industry. There were breakout sessions for networking, which allowed BitReserve to learn from and meet many fascinating people in the blockchain space in London. Rob Leyland, representing the BitReserve Foundation, partook in a panel with other distinguished guests and also gave a speech about the effectiveness and flexibility of BRUSD compared to the other stablecoins.

A full day of events and networking sessions concluded during the evening, with the BitReserve Foundation sponsoring the evening mixer. Many audience members interacted with the BitReserve team and learned about the revolutionary BRUSD stablecoin. The event was a successful start for the global campaign to promote the BitReserve Foundation’s mission to revolutionize stablecoins.

About the BitReserve Foundation

The BitReserve Foundation is a civil oriented, multi-nation cryptocurrency organization committed to breaking the monopoly of traditional centralized corporations in the financial sector, and to satisfy end users’ needs in financial applications by providing them a fairer, more convenient, and more secure environment. The core of the BR Foundation is to establish and maintain a global stable cryptocurrency, BRUSD, and to develop BRUSD supporters on a global scale to make BRUSD the most influential stable coin throughout the world, which could be further utilized by global end users as a secure and stable financial application tool.

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SOURCE: BitReserve Foundation


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