Compensation Disclosure

Bullion Price Forecast from the Trust Protector - Compensation DisclosureCompensation Disclosure

[box]This blog and website does contain content which might present a conflict of interest. This content may not always be identified. We are employed by or consult with: Silicon Palms Corporation and Fairbrook Alliance.[/box]

Please be advised that as agents and brokers in the financial service business are compensated by commissions, bonuses and other inducements, from the Service Provider Companies we do business with. From time-to-time, some companies may offer specific incentives, such as travel rewards, for a limited number of agents in recognition of sales made over a specified period of time. Incentive-based compensation is an Industry wide practice and has been a normal form of payment to agents/consultants who sell such products for many years.

[box type=”info”]As an independent broker, we are bound by the laws governing agents in Brazil and the Code of Ethics of other professional association, either Independent Financial Brokers or The Financial Advisers Associations. This means that any financial product(s) we recommend will be the one(s) we deem to be best suited to meet your needs, without regard to the compensation practices of any one company.[/box]

[box type=”note”]Compensation Disclosure: When you purchase financial and legal service from our affiliates, we will be paid a commission by the financial service company and may possibly be eligible for other forms of compensation. Our role, as an independent agent and/or consultant, is to work on your behalf as your intermediary, advocate with the financial service companies and to resolve any questions you may have throughout the time you hold that agreement, and to ensure your ongoing satisfaction.[/box]